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    by chrisnordel1 ·

    my parents bought me this computer and now they put time limits on it and made a school account i can do nothing but research on has anyone found a way to bypass these parental controls on vista?

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      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to vista

      Do some more growing. Meantime, stop perverting the intent of your parents.

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        But it does show one advantage of Vista

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Yes

        Well OK the only advantage of Vista and as my youngest is now 34 years old I don’t need Vista. 😀


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          At which time

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to But it does show one advantage of Vista

          …they need to unlearn parental control.

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          Ummm, HAL?

          by boxfiddler ·

          In reply to But it does show one advantage of Vista

          You are currently begging for Thumbs as HAL 9000. Do get in for your regularly scheduled maintenance soon?

          ]:) Davette

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          Now now, Colin.

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to But it does show one advantage of Vista

          We’ve already discussed the fact that there are many advantages to Vista and several really useful improvements in the interface.

          In your case, it probably lacks, as well as you having tested it in its infancy.

          But it does have some useful improvements over XP.

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          Yep OZ I had one NB Hibernate for 4 days

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Now now, Colin.

          And it still had battery power.

          Though I’m not sure just what would be an advantage over a properly setup XP install and there certainly is no reason to move there yet. Well at least for my customers. :p

          I was thrown out of one place because I had the audacity to deliver a new NB with a Vista Ready Sticker on it. :^0

          I really would love to know what the M$ Rep did to them and as they sell earthmoving equipment I’m not about to start upsetting them. 😀

          That’s the place where I found a computer under the track of a 40 Ton Kabalco Excavator on the first time I attended there and I had to leave because I couldn’t stop laughing. I still think it’s a [b]Bad Look[/b] for a new guy laughing uncontrollably when something like that happens. But it did set the tone of the place for me and now whenever they have a problem they say they they can fix it by parking an Excavator on it. :^0

          And OZ I did test the RTM Version of Vista I still have my copy of it here and I’m yet to activate even one of the five Licenses that I bought. :p

          Col ?:|

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          what would be an advantage

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Yep OZ I had one NB Hibernate for 4 days

          User benefits

          Vista manages/prioritizes the dual core processors well, whereas it required a separate application to SORTA manage the dual core in XP.

          Vista uses breadcrumb navigation, which is a MAJOR time saver once you use it a few times and find out how easy it is. I almost never have to open up an extra explorer window or two to copy or navigate to files, just do it right in the toolbar in a few seconds.

          Vista has a better defrag and disk management system.

          Superfetch really is a time saver and if you are running a robust enough PC with sufficient RAM, it is another major time saver and also increases performance a great deal.

          ReadyBoost, doesn’t work magic as some suggest but it will increase performance when you are runnign low on RAM, a cheap solution and if you get a fast enough thumb drive or memory card (SD, Memory Stick etc.) it will save you buying RAM. In a notebook with limited slots, this saves you replacing both sticks of RAM in order to boost speed.

          Searching is a great improvement as it can save searches for later review.

          Windows Defender has seen many improvements over the XP version.

          And so on, little things that make a users life easier.

          So while it may not be teh best solution for your applications or some business networks, Vista has been slammed, as expected, by all teh XP junkies. Funny enough they seem ot believe that XP was ALWAYS a great OS, which we all know is horribly misguided.

          Out of teh box, Vista beats out where XP was at teh same stage in teh game, it actually offers performance improvements over XP, wheras XP (when new) was simply an undesireable new interface to make a bloated Win2K.

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          Well don’t get me wrong I still prefer NT4

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to what would be an advantage

          Over the newer offerings from Redmond. W2k wasn’t much better either when new it was a dog as well. XP if anything was worse than both 98SE and W2K and made the Dogs of the world look Brilliant.

          However the NT4 bit could be because of 1 piece of Specialized Software that hasn’t been upgraded and isn’t likely to be either now and as there is nothing to replace it available at the moment it looks as if I’ll be supporting NT4 for a long time to come. It’s just too useful an application to drop and as it saves the companies who use it lots of Money it’s not likely to be thought as Obsolete either.

          Most places that I used to support used NT or 98 well after XP was released and had no intentions of moving to XP till SP2 was released and even then that wasn’t because they considered it better just a Necessary Evil. Besides 98 was getting very long in the tooth by then and really needed to be replaced though a few of them are still running it or at least a few 98 Boxes for their work. It’s a real problem to remember it all though now.

          The Medical People are also heavily into the older M$ products and have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of 98 to newer Windows.

          I have one Surgeon who constantly complains about XP being a pile of cr@p and it’s no where near as good as his old 98 box with a pirated copy of Windows on was. The place that he bought it from sold Pirate Software and shut up shop before M$ caught up with them. They would supply a 98 OEM install Disc and load 98SE then not supply any of the Hardware drivers they where an optional Extra to the buyers. Not sure why they did that other than to get extra money from the Plebes that they dealt with I suppose. But they where a real rat bag lot. While they would load 98SE they only provided a 98 type install with all the extra things disabled as it took more time to setup things like USB.

          Anyway he could happily use 98 but is still finding problems with XP Pro and every time he rings he’s complaining about the guy who sold him a faulty product so I get to talk him through changing the default page layout from Portrait to Landscape. God I hate being blackmailed by medical people and I just have to put up with this guy as I don’t argue with people holding sharp instruments over me and who are going to cut away to their hearts content. 😀

          I’m no where near brave enough to sell him a new NB loaded with Vista some things are just not worth the problems that will come by making a little bit of money. 😉

          If the majority of my work was in places that had teams of Data Entry Staff things may be different but all of my customers want their systems to do everything with very few specialist apps running. One guy even insists on paying me to enter MP3’s into his I Pod as that is too difficult. I wont mention what I had to go through to replace the Mobile phone that he lost. But things like when I ask for the model of the new one which he has just opened I get It’s Black that was very helpful. Or setting up a Garman GPS so he could navigate around Europe and then him insisting that it didn’t work because it wouldn’t give him directions to get to some place in Spain from AU only the distance involved. :^0


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      by the scummy one ·

      In reply to vista

      maybe its cause you are an untrustworthy little brat, and that is why they locked it down, for your own safety (and possibly theirs).
      Trying to bypass it shows that you do not respect their decision! Maybe, just maybe, if you try TALKING to them and showing why you should have certain abilities, perhaps, a small chance, they may loosn the restrictions. Until then STFU

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      My parents would…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to vista

      beat my @ss if they caught me at that. I haven’t tried.

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      What you need is…

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to vista

      To get a BIG chunk of magnetite and rub it all over the case. That should cure all your ills AND destroy all your data in the process!

      Good times had by all!

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      Something to bear in mind

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to vista

      If you do find out, before you take advantage, you need to discover all teh ways the PC logs your activity and learn to conceal all traces of it.

      The bonus ball being if you get a ggod way down this path you’ll have the potential of a very good job when you grow up.

      As well as being professionals many of us are parents, one of the major lessons of adulthood, is just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
      The second one is how to set up parental controls for our children, or in my case grandchildren.

      Enjoy your childhood, it will be over soon and you’ll be sorry the moment you realise it has.

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      bypass these parental controls on vista? Simple

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to vista

      Know the password.

      If your parents have locked you out, there could be many reasons.

      1) They don’t trust you as far as they can kick your ass.

      2) They don’t want to be arrested for having kiddie porn stored in THEIR home.

      3) THEY bought the machine and I am sure they also pay for your internet access.

      4) You are one of those kids with no life outside of his world of Halo. You miss school from staying up all night chatting with your virtual friends and have no social skills to speak of.

      You choose, either way, you don’t have a valid reason for asking techs to help you out; figure it out yourself, if you are sharp enough.

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      My young man.

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to vista

      I do not agree with anyone’s parents attempting to control their kids thoughts by restricting the information available to them. If you are gaming instead of schooling, then I agree with them. If you are learning, then the best way to evade their control is to use the school or library computers.

      Aside from this, even though I do not agree with your parents, I will support their decision. If you must evade, then Google.

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