Vista 64 Keyboard problem

By nospam02 ·
Can't figure this one out. The keyboard simply stopped working one day in my Vista 64 "archive/experiment" machine. Not the keyboard or CMOS. I also have XP and Windows 7 64 on separate disks on this machine, and they all work fine with any variation of keyboards/drivers.

Keyboard works until the VISTA 64 logon screen comes up. Log in using the on-screen KB, drivers for the keyboard are "Error 39" in device driver. Same error condition in Safe Mode; tried installing fresh drivers, NIL. Tried installing USB keyboard, NIL. All variations work with both XP and Windows 7 64. Last changes prior to failure were series of Windows and Office updates. Have unistalled them (except for SP for Office), still same problem.

This is the first problem I've encountered that has me stymied. Short of doing a reinstall of VISTA 64, haven't found a way around this. I've looked but can't find any conflicts in either drivers nor registry entries. Has to be some unrelated SW that stops this driver. Pretty clean system, Office 2007 w/SP's, Nero Ultra 8 (9 is awful), Roxio 2009


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Out on a limb

by BFilmFan In reply to Vista 64 Keyboard problem

That sounds almost like a firmware issue.

I would see if there are new firmware drivers for the system board.

Sounds like you have eliminated all else.

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I will too as I haven't tested this yet

by Jacky Howe In reply to Vista 64 Keyboard problem

as I don't install Keyboard or Mouse drivers unless it's on a Notebook.

Edited: to make clearer

Bas13 appears to have worked it out for XP and I did a quick check on Vista Registry and those Keys are there. Worth a try.

Figured out how to fix this error if anyone is interested.

It is a bad Upperfilter setting in the registry.

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