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    Vista/7 Printer Connectivity Issue


    by camputer ·

    I’ve got a strange issue happening between a Windows 7 system sharing a USB printer, and a Vista system wanting to use that printer. If I add the shared printer from the Vista computer (I use the Shared Printer by name method, \\system\printername), I can connect successfully to the printer and print properly. But as soon as I restart, the printer is no longer available.I have to reconnect to it, as above, in order to use it again.
    Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I thought about a batch file to do it on login, but am not sure how I can add the username and password option to that…

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      by camputer ·

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      When you…

      by mamies ·

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      When you are mapping the printer is their a tickbox that says Reconnect at logon. That should be ticked or it will not work.


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        Things are working now

        by camputer ·

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        Thanks for the reply. I called my customer today to doublecheck that any option to reconnect at logon was checked off…only to find that the printer has now started working (even after restarts). If it stops working, I’m sure my customer will let me know, but for now, it’s good! Thanks for taking the time to respond though.

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