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Vista - Accessing Wireless Public Hotspots

By micbusserv ·
The local public library has a wireless hotspot. Previously with XP I was able to access it. It requires the user to open a new browser window and click on a button that says 'guest' on it. After clicking the user is free to use the library website or the internet.

Vista taskbar shows that the connection to the wlan on the router is made, but there is no ip being assigned to my notebook computer.

I talked to a person from the ISP that takes care of the internet service and hotspot for the library and he said Vista handles accepting ip addresses differently than all other operating systems that use their hotspots 'ie. Mac, XP, ME, 98, Linux, Unix, BSD, and others' and that they aren't in the business of fixing Microsofts bugs.

Does anyone know of a registry entry or other hack that will allow these kinds of connections to happen or even if this is the real reason for not being able to use the libraries hotspot.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds bogus to me

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Vista - Accessing Wireles ...

I would doubt that MS has deviated from the standard DHCP communications. I have had users traveling to 8 countries and hundreds of hotspots with Vista and not one has had a problem. I do find that sometimes I have to reboot my machine if it was hibernating to connect to certain access points.

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Reply to Bogus

by micbusserv In reply to Sounds bogus to me

I invite you to Helena, MT to try and connect to the hotspot and then tell me this issue is bogus.

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Update - Further Information

by micbusserv In reply to Vista - Accessing Wireles ...

Vista & no access to Public Hotspot
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My local public library has a hotspot. I have obtained a new notebook computer with Vista Home Basic on it which I have since upgraded to the Business version. My older notebook with XP pro sp2 has no problems accessing the web from this hotspot. The Vista notebook in contrast won't acquire an ip address from the hotspot.

To get the ip address the ISP provider says that I first must open an IE window which then automatically takes me to their hotspot signon webpage where I click on the guest button. After doing that I am assigned an IP address by their server. The problem is that my Vista computer will not display their login webpage and allow me to obtain an IP address.

The Network & Sharing Center does show me as being connected to the hotspot but not the internet. Also this is an open network not using any encryption.

Does anyone know why XP works properly and Vista doesn't and how to fix the problem?

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Possible solution

by rrichter In reply to Update - Further Informat ...

It sounds like Vista is blocking the browser redirect. I had the same problem trying to get onto WSU-TC's student wireless network, which has a very similar setup.

To correct this, I think I went into the Network and Sharing screen and right-clicked on the red icon between the network and the internet.

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by jrmag44 In reply to Vista - Accessing Wireles ...

were can i find hotspots

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