Vista and a creeping connectivity issue.

By sean g ·
runnin Vista home premium on a Gateway 5404 (i believe) desktop PC. runnin through a wireless/wired router networed through my neighbors. i have a wire from the back of my pc to their router then through their modem to the internet...

i am not gettin any internet connectivity.
"Local only" this issue has crept up in the last 2 hours after installing 5 windows updates.
i have already uninstalled said updates, no connectivity. i have disconnected a switch box in the hopes maybe it was causing the issue, no change.. when it was connected i get onto the internet with my laptop without ANY issues, i opted to try windows 7 on it(my laptop), i love it.. no issues ... yet... so i tried everyting from uninstalling my network adapter (onboard intel PRO/100 VE network connectoin) to having my neighbor reset his modem and router. i have tried pinging the router to no avail, i have disabled my firewall and AV and windows firewall etc..
i have tried a pci card network adapter i borrowed from a friend and i STILl have local only.

This issue has only affected me in the last month... with this being the 2nd time i've encounterd it. the first time i resorted to a complete factory recovery from a disc thinking.... maybe its my hardware and this will let me see.... having done that.. i have connectivity back! rebuilt my pc and have been adding a little bit of software at a time. i was fine for this week untill the 5 updates were installed today. one owas IE 8 for vista another was MS silverlight, and 3 other KB somthins.... their the most recent updates i have access too.... had access too.. i cannot re dl them to tell you what they were sorry.

so if anyone has any suggestions not involving resetting my network connection (AGAIN). please i need the help.

thank you for your time and sorry for the rage emparted to my post.

since i posted this i ran my ip ping in cmd line.. all i got was error code 1231 4 times.

this all happend in the last 2 hours from 4pm mountain sandard colorado.. i had connection for a whole week and now this is happening all over again... im so frustrated.
please help.

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