Vista and Coolmax CD 350 HD kit

By lechero99 ·
bought a coolmax 350 usb kit for an old WD IDE drive. Vista installs the drivers but never lets me do anything with the data on the drive. The drive does not show up in my computer. In disk management it shows up but won't let me do anything with it. Any help?

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What is shown in Disc Management?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista and Coolmax CD 350 ...

With most External HDD Enclosures the HDD needs to be set to Master not CS or Slave so is it correctly configured?

Also with Vista some Partitions made in the NTFS Form on old versions of XP or older are not readable by Vista. You need to have SP2 or latter installed when you format the HDD for Vista Improved Security to be able to read it so if you have a HDD that has the NTFS Format and it was originally formatted on a system without XP SP2 or newer you'll have to connect it to something else to transfer the Data Across.

If this is your only computer use a Live Linux which you can either download from here


Or go to your Local Newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc.

You can use the Live Linux in the Optical Drive to boot the computer and then copy the Data required off the External Drive onto the Internal Drive of the computer without damaging the Vista Install. Though naturally enough you do have to be careful what you do and you Do Not chose the Install Option that is available.

if you have another computer running XP you can use that to copy the Data off the External HDD and then either transfer it through a crossover CAT5 cable as a Small Peer to Peer Network or copy all the data off the External Drive onto a Temp Folder on the Internal HDD then take the Enclosure to the Vista computer and format the HDD and then using the XP Computer copy the data back to the External Enclosure so that it now is usable on the Vista Computer.

edited to add OH also if this Enclosure has a External Power Adapter make sue that it is plugged into a working Socket to provide the power required for the HDD in the Enclosure. If it has a Y USB Cable make sure that both of the USB Plugs are plugged into different USB Ports on the computer or into a Powered USB Hub.

Another thing with the Y USB Cables is that the End Plug is a Power Plug Only you need to use the Middle USB Plug to be able to read/write to the HDD as this is a Power & Data Plug.


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