Vista and dual OS

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I thank yu for all the info you give. I was wondering if there is a way to know what running processes are necessary in Vista before I start sutting them down? Also, If I am going to install a second OS on another ahdr drive in my computer, do I need to disable other hard drives before installation? I hope someone will respond to this question at or let me know how to retrieve the answer. Thank YOU eDWARD

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Here is a tutorial....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Vista and dual OS

Google each one first to verify what it does before you disable it.

If you install a second OS, just make sure you don't install it over the first.

You will probably have the best luck installing another Windows OS and then Vista.

Linux works better if installed second.
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As for disabling the original Drive

by OH Smeg In reply to Here is a tutorial....

It's not necessary as if you use a different Partition/Drive to install the second or more OS to you will have a Multi Boot System and get a Option to chose which OS you want to boot into before any OS starts to Load.

However if you want or need to keep each OS isolated from the other/s you can fit the Original HDD to a Caddy and remove it then insert another Drive in the same Caddy or swap caddied with different HDD inside.

It's really up to you how to proceed here or more likely what the system needs to do may be your limiting Factor as to how the Second & or subsequent OS get installed.


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Dual OS

by betweenthepines In reply to As for disabling the orig ...
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Vista and OS

by betweenthepines In reply to Here is a tutorial....

Thanks for the info. Ed

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