Vista and email

By SWATjdavis ·
I work in public school setting. Do a lot of technology in the classroom. My wife is technology instructor also. I purchased new laptop this summer with Vista. I can receive emails but cannot send emails with our web based email at school. The body to post a message is solid blue. Is there anything I can do? Our director says "No". Says school system not compatible with Vista. I can send a short message in the subject area.

Southern Missouri

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Security Software

by TheChas In reply to Vista and email

A lot of the security software and web based interfaces that are used for Intranet web based mail systems are not Vista compatible. So, what your director has told you is most likely true.

I have a Vista laptop. It can access some of my companies web based remote access applications. I do get a compatibility warning every time I log onto the system when the security software opens up. The only way I can get access to all of the applications would be to replace Vista with XP.

Should I have a need to "downgrade" my laptop, I will swap in a new hard drive and install XP onto there.


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As Vista uses a different Mail Program

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista and email

It's possible that the Schools Security Software is not allowing the supplied Vista application to work.

Have you tried loading Thunderbird from Monzilla and using a different Mail Program to see if that is compatible with the Schools Security Software?

I would tend to agree with the System Admin when you where told that they can not work with Vista as there are numerous compatibility problems with M$ latest offering. Without knowing the configuration of the School Network it's really impossible to say any more though.


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Thanks for the replys

by SWATjdavis In reply to Vista and email

Yesterday I downloaded a program that syncs Outlook Office 2007 and my Palm TX. If they can come up with software that can do that, surely they can do the same with Vista and email programs. Someday, maybe something will show up to fix this problem.
I was hoping that someone could suggest a solution.

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While there are solutions

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for the replys

They involve making changes to the Server Mail Controller depending on what is in place.

Unfortunately there are currently no solutions involving making changes on Local Machines to cure this problem. It's all to do with the Server Security settings and how things are configured there.

That isn't a suitable solution so at the moment there are no solutions that would work for you here.


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by SWATjdavis In reply to While there are solutions

I will just sit back and wait. I wish I could just forward the emails to my most used email account so I could reply to them.

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