Vista and gaming

By wescrock ·
I know that for games that come out that are compatible with Windows Vista will run alot smoother than some current games because Vista shuts down all GUI stuff when entering a game and thus freeing up TONS of system resources.


Will this still be the case with older games (world of warcraft, Warcraft 3 and Battlefield 2.) I'd imagine that big game companies such as Blizzard and (whoever makes BF2) will release a patch for it if it doesnt automatically do it.

I ask this cause my system (although capable now) may not be so capable later... 2gigs ram (dual channel), AMD 3500+, 300gb hdd (250 SATA and 45 PATA), EVGA Nvidea 7800GT (256mb Vram)

thanks all


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NO Vista itself will most likely be unable to do this.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista and gaming

It will require a rewrite of the code from the game maker to run in that manner.

However if you must be on the Bleeding Edge and be one of the first to go with Vista your current hardware should suffice for the time being as it's all above the specs required for a Vista ready System though I'm not sure about the Video Card, that may need changing in the short term but everything else should be OK for a few years.


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