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Vista and home computer users

By zlitocook ·
What do recomend to people that you work on or fix their computers? If you fix computers for people and need to reinstall or upgrade what do you suggest?
I have upgraded a few people to Vista but they could not afford the upgrade to thier system. So they have the basic but it not what they are use to.
Do I tell them that they have to buy all new computers and pay a higher price.
Dell stills sells XP Pro with some systems and thay is what most of my customers are looking for.

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Still recommending XP Pro

by jswentworth In reply to Vista and home computer u ...

We still recommend XP Pro to all of our clients. Vista has too many application compatibility issues for us to recommend on production machines without extensive testing first. Home users are less of an issue, we still recommend XP, but we haven't seen as many issues with Vista on end user PCs.
You should have told your clients BEFORE they got Vista that they would need a more powerful PC to get the experience they had with XP. Don't ever do the upgrade and then try to explain to them why things aren't as good as they used to be.
Being a consultant is all about managing your clients expectations.

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Its better to stick with XP

by gbeesingh In reply to Still recommending XP Pro

Its better to stick with XP than the unreliable, resource consuming, spyware bundelled VISTA. MS along with its upgraded OS also helps computer companies to sell their hardwares. I m just waiting for my warranty period to complete so that I can throw away Vista from my system and install the Linux..

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I am still recommending XP PRo to my few clients.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Vista and home computer u ...

In fact, I actively advise them against Vista and refuse to install it when pestered by them to do so. My clients cannot afford to replace hardware and software simply because a new OS has come out of Redmond. And that is exactly what they would have to do. Some of them are still utilizing 10 year old printers and running Office 97 and Office 00. Some of them run early versions of Quickbooks. Office Suites and Quickbooks do not come cheap.

I would do them a grave disservice if I simply 'gave them what they think they want (Vista in this case)' just to make a buck.

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