Vista and Network Drives

By rkuhn ·
I can't see any network drives, shares or servers in Windows Vista.

I have successfully joined the domain and can do pings as well as nslookups, but I can't connect to any network resources and in Network Neighborhood I don't see any resources.

I have a triple boot PC with Ubuntu Linux, XP and Vista. Ubuntu and XP work just fine.

This is very frustrating. Any ideas?

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Simple response, but why not...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Vista and Network Drives

I'm not insulting you and this seems almost a bit of a smart-arse reply, but do you have file sharing enabled in "network and sharing center"? It's usually activated by the default domain policy when you join the domain.

Here's another problem I ran into you may want to address. When I domained my Vista pc, it disabled the local admin account. Well due to some issues (practical joke) I lost my trust relationship with the domain. With no local admin account enabled, no way for domain pc's to manage me and not having access to my cached domain account...well you can see the issue.

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Yes - File Sharing

by rkuhn In reply to Simple response, but why ...

File sharing is enabled.

The problem is very weird. Like I said, I can ping servers, just can't say type into the address bar in Windows Explorer the UNC path and get anything.

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by Baxenden In reply to Yes - File Sharing

Can you map the share by IP address rather than by name?

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by rkuhn In reply to Mapping

I can't map using name or IP.

I can ping servers and do nslookups but can't connect.

This has baffled me for weeks now.

The only thing I can think of is something with IP v6 is screwing things up.

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What is the os on the server

by Forum Surfer In reply to Yes - File Sharing

What is the os on the server?

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All Servers

by rkuhn In reply to What is the os on the ser ...

Are Windows 2003.

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Wow, I Can Even RDC Into Other Servers

by rkuhn In reply to Vista and Network Drives

But I can't open any mapped drives in Windows Explorer.

Simply incredible!

I can ping, do nslookups, open Outlook and read my emails, and use RDC but I can't open a network share in Windows Explorer.

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Narrowing It Down!

by rkuhn In reply to Vista and Network Drives

It's not a problem with Vista, I have narrowed it down to something with Symantec 11.x's Network Threat Protection feature.

I turned it off and lo and behold I am able to open network shares in Windows Explorer.

If I get the chance, I'll post the exact problem and fix later. Obviously, I'd like to turn the Network Threat Protection on, but first I have to figure out what exactly is causing the problem.

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