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Vista and Windows is the End of the Windows Hegemony

By microface ·
I am an IT provider for about 150 small shops here in teh Foothills above Sacramento, and in every case when new computers come in I get a call to install XP Pro. Because they have legacy software that must run on these systems, and this software created by consultants, or companies that are no longer in business will not run on Vista or Windows 7.
I have instead taken a live boot Ubuntu CD with a special configuration of WINE, and have run ALL these Legacy Apps. 100% Compatibility.
That is why These shops and I will move to Linux when XP Pro service is no longer provided.
Vista is not a bump, windows 7 is not a bump they are dead ends !!!!
They force shops who have perfectly good computing equipment to junk those computers well before their time, and force extra cost onto these shops that are already struggling!!!
Microsoft windows is for large corporations only, IMHO. LINUX if is for the rest of us.

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I love vista :)

by ---TK--- In reply to Vista and Windows is the ...

Not to start a flame war because I could care less about the argument... but Ubuntu will never be able to play my games like Vista can... Trust me, I have tried hours and hours to get my games running... Some run, but not even close to windows.

and before you go saying I know nothing about Linux... I use Ubuntu 8.10 on my lappy and love it...

"Vista is not a bump, windows 7 is not a bump they are dead ends !!!!" I will always use Windows... Why? because I have to support the end users, and Its really not that bad when you learn how to use it right...

Maybe instead of working around the real issue and complaining about it, you should find someone to fix your apps so it can run on the future MS OS's...

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