Vista and Wireless

By jmjones2 ·
I just bought a HP Pavilion dv200t. I bought a new wireless router also because my current one was broken. I set up my wireless according to the specific instructions for Vista. My roomate (who doesnt have vista) can connect perfectly fine to the network (so I know it isnt my modem or wireless router), but my computer must be plugged into the ethernet cable that is attatched to the router to get any internet connection. I have done EVERYTHING i can possibly think of but I still cant get it to work. When the mouse is over the wireless icon on the bottom of the screen (when the computer isnt plugged into anything) it says local connection, and it says its connected. Im so confused! Please someone frustrated and tired of messing with it!

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A Few Things to Check

by rkuhn In reply to Vista and Wireless

What brand router?

Check to see if:

DHCP is on
Whether or not it is static or dynamic
If IP Filtering is turned on
If MAC address filtering is turned on

That's a good place to start.

Can you ping the router?

Are your TCP/IP settings correct (DHCP, DNS, Gateway, etc)?

Are you sure you have the correct SSID and encryption key (hopefully it's an encrypted connection)?

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Another thing to check

by Hurell.Lyons In reply to A Few Things to Check

If you have an internet security software (Mostly referring to Norton but i have seen this on Trend Micro and on McAfee) then remove it all....preferably with a removal tool made for the software (Like for Norton they have SymNRT).

I have seen brand new PC's out of the box not be able to connect to a network because of this type of software.

Never understood the purpose of a thrid party software for firewall....its like a double negative. LOL.

let me know how it goes...good luck.

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Im Having The SAME problem - unsolved for 6 weeks

by salemail In reply to Vista and Wireless

I am having the exact same problem. My XP laptop can connect to my wireless modem/router with no problems, but when i try and connect with my Vista laptop it says not connected (but the taskbar says it is connected????) it is just stupid, and i cannot figure this out, everything i have read (over 100 topics on this) has never had an answer. And obviously we know how to connect to a wireless network, so answrs like 'try connect to the network in your wireless list' is just a waste of time.
I have been working on solving this for 6 weeks, I am experienced with XP, and can connect to the wireless network from that.
is there a solution? my XP where it works from is a HP and my Vista one is ACER.

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Have You Tried...

by rkuhn In reply to Im Having The SAME proble ...

The Winsock Fix utility?

It's a bit extreme but it sounds like you're desperate anyways.

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After what rickk said...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Vista and Wireless

my HP wireless card can be set for different modes. Right click the wireless connection, go to properties, click configure. In my on the general tab there is a scroll box with wireless mode set at the bottom. Select and choose your mode from the right side.

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Ok so my 1st solution didn't work

by Hurell.Lyons In reply to Vista and Wireless

Also take a look @ the network adapter's properties and disable IPv6.

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