Vista and XP Pro Encryption

By cowen80194 ·
I had encrypted my old C: on an Averetec (POS company) I finally had to get a ACER due to the above <r@>ing out on me.

I have removed the old drive and made it a USB drive which will not boot on the ACER so the easy fix of loading XP PRO and then unencrypting the drives contents is a wash.

Now the ACER has Vista home premium (yeah sucks I can not revert it back to XP Pro thru the MS trade up program since it is not Ultimate (Per Acer).

I want to get my Thunderbird mail off the drive and a few other documents but I am running into permission issues. I can not get Vista to take ownership of the entire drive or the files I want either.

Can some one give me a sure fire way to get access remove the encryption and get ownership so I can get my files back.

Next I will want to add these to the email folder on Vista and have them usable... Ideas?


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Vista and XP Pro Encrypti ...

You need to get the certificate you used to encrypt the files to decrypt them. You should have exported the keys to a file and kept it safe.
Otherwise the only way to decrypt them is to boot into XP and login as the user and then decrypt them otherwise you will not gain access to the files!

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You also need to know that XP & Vista use Different

by OH Smeg In reply to De-encrypting

Methods to Encrypt Files.

You CAN NOT use Vista to unencrypt files Encrypted on XP.

Take the necessary files from your backup and copy them to the Vista System. That's the only easy Surefire way around this problem. Of course you will need to have backed up your Files unencrypted for this to be of any use to you.

If you have backed them up Encrypted or not Backed up your Files you need a XP Pro computer to get access to your files in a readable manner.

You also need these directions to get to your Encryption Key

Or you can always pay a Data Recovery House to do this.


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