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By mpunderw ·
I'm trying to configure an unattended install of Vista. I've created the basic autounattend.xml that Microsoft helps you build in their Windows Vista Deployment Step by Step Guide (, and it works fine. But I wanted to do a couple of "advanced" things I can't figure out.

First I have a post install script I want to run after Vista is installed. I've gone about this a couple of ways including RunSynchronous and creating a Configuration set and neither way works. I know in XP you can put a folder in $OEM$\$1 and it will be copied the root of the C drive. I've read you can create an $OEM$ folder in the Autounattend_Files folder the Configuration set makes, but it's not copying anything over. I could run my scripts from the network, but I really wanna copy the scripts to the C and run them from there.

Second I want setup to format and use the ENTIRE C. I've read some things about setting a size for the C then extending it to include the rest of it, but that doesn't seem to work for me. A lot of people have said it's not possible but I don't believe that.

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