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Vista backup files .fbw?

By butchy1104 ·
I recently had to reinstall Vista Premium on my laptop because it wouldn't boot to Windows. Before I did this, I had an option to backup my media files ie: music, pictures, documents. I had to use an external hard drive to do this. After I finished reinstalling Vista, I tried to restore these files onto my laptop. On my external HD, there is a folder called MINWINPC containing 15 .fbw files the first file being a .exe file. When I try to restore these files using the restore feature on Vista, it does not locate these files on my external HD. When I try to run the .exe file, it asks me to "insert the last disk." I cannot find any solution for this problem on any Vista board anywhere on the Net. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I guess...

by links In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

I haven't really used vista yet, but i have been a windows user so i have experienced similar problems... My suggestion would be to try one of the following,
1)try dumping all the backup files on to your internal hard drive and then trying to backup
2)Try dumping it onto a CD or a USB drive

I dunno what else you could do about it, try fiddling around some, I know it might be really annoying if it doesn't work but at least give it a try...

If you want to buy stuff for backup, I recommend the following sit http://www.tape4backup.com

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by butchy1104 In reply to I guess...

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try both and hopefully I'll luck into a solution.

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.fbs files

by lyle.glover In reply to Thanks

Hello I have the same problem. I am curious as to how you solved it. Vista would not load and only option was to use recovery manager to external hard drive. But as you stated on re-instillation the last message was insert disc? Another question is recovery manager a Microsoft product? part of Vista?

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by butchy1104 In reply to .fbs files

Troy's solution worked. Just rename your files like he said and then run the .exe file. It will load up and the recovery manager will take you through the steps. The .exe file takes a while to load so be patient. But it definitely works!

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A simple solution for your .fbw issues restoring vista...

by troy In reply to Vista backup files .fbw?

Everyone ready to kick themselves for not thinking of this?!? I was when I finally realised!!!

Simply put, add another "0" infront of all the files from 10 on...
backup.010.fbw - becomes - backup.0010.fbw
backup.011.fbw - becomes - backup.0011.fbw
backup.012.fbw - becomes - backup.0012.fbw

and so on and so forth. So simple most people wouldn't think of it.

= D

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by butchy1104 In reply to A simple solution for you ...

You are a life saver. This actually worked. I have been looking for a solution to this for over a month. And it was so simple!!! Thank you!

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by lyle.glover In reply to A simple solution for you ...

I am an ant amoung gods... The laptop is my girlfriends and she had 3 months worth of work not backed up (bad on her part) New to vista as i currently own macbook. So I was afraid of tinkering, i think i will now start. Again big thanks, the tech at Hp was not helpfull nor friendly??

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HP Support...lol

by butchy1104 In reply to BIG THANKS

I, too, tried HP support and they told me the files were unrecoverable. Thank God I didn't listen to them :)

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Hp Support

by lyle.glover In reply to HP Support...lol

She (Hp Tech) advised that she does not support back up. I mentioned that on the pop up screen has compaq centre and Hp total care in the lower left corner. (I didn't ask what total care stood for) and then she wnet on to advise that Hp doesn't recommend using this backup. What other choice did I have as Vista would not load. The back up went well. I had to access the securtiy and permission in properties to get access and there are some file it won't even let me do that. So far my itunes will not accept the back up. I already backed up Itunes earlier so i am only loosing maybe 150 songs, less than 10% so not bad.

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24 gig .fwb file

by robb161 In reply to Hp Support

Hey i ran a pc back up through the hp recovery manager to my external hdd and now i am unable to restore the file it is showing the exe and only one fwb file with a size of 24 gb .Any ideas

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