Vista Beta and Novell Login Screen

By JustMe68 ·
I work in a mixed Netware and Microsoft shop. I have downloaded Microsoft's Vista, and I can't seem to get the Netware login screen to pop up at bootup. I only get the Microsoft screen. I have tried just about all other suggestions from various techie msg boards, support sites, etc, but nothing works (NWGINA/MSGINA, registry changes, etc, etc). I still get just the Microsoft Vista screen, and don't get prompted for Novell. Once I sign on to Vista, I can right click on the red "N" in my Windows tray, and the select "Novell login" and then I am able to sign in. But I don't want to sign into my Novell servers that way. I want to be prompted to login to Novell at bootup. Any suggestions? Once again, this is with Novell's Client for Vista beta version.

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