Vista Black Screen Fix,BEFORE LOGIN?

By Codyster ·
Okay so i'll explain everything,btw thanks for reading

Ok,so i was downloading a no-serial crack for a antivirus program,after i download the program,i runned it,and it didn't open ANYTHING at all,so i waited for like 5 minutes,but,still nothing opened,so i went to my desktop,all icons were GONE,i got freaked,only saw wallpaper,i right clicked task bar and Show desktop icons,worked!but when i open for example Google Chrome Browser,and then come back to Desktop the Desktop Icons are gone again,so i kinda got scared,so i clicked Control+Alt+Delete and opened 'Task Manager',and went to processes,and ended the Fake No-Serial Crack,because it was a Virus/Spyware,OR Malware,after that ..Didn't help icons were still going from desktop,so i Restarted my computer,and everything was working,BUT SADLY after The Windows load screen,the vista logo doesn't show,the screen goes ALL black and no cursor , cant press Control+Alt+Delete or do anything..And if i wait too long the PC auto-reboots..HELP ME!!

What i've tried so far:
-Tried Safe Mode from F8 ..No help it freezes when its doing the texts..
-Tried Safe Mode With Networking from F8 ..No help it freezes when its doing the texts..
-Tried Safe Mode With Command Prompt from F8 ..No help it freezes when its doing the texts..
-Tried to restart a few times ..Still no-help at all..

Thank's for your help!
NOTE:I've tried searching EVERYWHERE..And i didn't find ANY questions same as mine..NOTHING,oh and + sometimes when i go to F8 it says theres hardware problems/New hardware found..I'M SURE ITS THE VIRUS!!
Because i DID Not install anything new or download anything that day.


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I would start off with a Rescue CD like one of the ones here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista Black Screen Fix,BE ...

Personally I like F Secure but any of the others will do and in all likelihood will be required here as there is no Sliver Bullet you may need more than one to clean the infection.

However depending on what it is you infected this computer with you may need to reinstall the OS after you have cleaned the system.


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Reponse To Answer

by Codyster In reply to I would start off with a ...

Ahh,can't i just use the 'Norton Recovery Tool', and after removing & fixing my problem,use my PC normally? Or is the reinstall required?
..Oh and btw,on the black screen,if it lasts like 5 minutes or more,the PC Restarts itself,and my cousin told me to get a Vista Recovery disk,and repair my System with it,he said it might work perfectly?

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Or you can get another harddrive...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Vista Black Screen Fix,BE ...

Get another harddrive and install it into your computer, take out your OLD harddrive first though. Then install your Windows operating system, do the updates etc and then get a good antivirus and Malware software and once you have these attach your OLD hdd externally and give it blast with the antivirus, once that is done and dusted blast it with the Malware:
Only then can you attach it to your computer and run it as it was if you are lucky. :)

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I Think I've Found The Problem

by Codyster In reply to Vista Black Screen Fix,BE ...

Ok so now i've got the AVG Rescue ..I've installed on my USB and made it bootable and everything,i'm scanning my infected computer right now,wich me luck
I'll reply if my problem wasn't solved!

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by Codyster In reply to Vista Black Screen Fix,BE ...

Okay so i formatted my PC and installed Windows Se7en now everything is Fixed

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