Vista Black Screen

By rjellis59 ·
I am working on a friends laptop that she reported that is goes black. After trying several times, I get the same thing, black screen. Vista loads to the point of the logo, then the only thing I get after is the mouse arrow with the blank (black) screen. I have tried safe mode, but the same results. Just in case, I have taken all her picturs off the hard drive and saved them just in case.

All the threads I have read so far talk about getting into safe mode. Since I get the same results.....any help would be great.

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Vista Hangs

by Jacemg In reply to Vista Black Screen

Hey Rjellis,

Go ahead and either try a repair install of vista which will restore all system files to original states, or format and reinstall clean.
It sounds like the registry has been tampered with or 'Tweaked' and it's too far gone.

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See if this helps

by Jacky Howe In reply to Vista Black Screen

Try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and run Explorer as a new Task

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When the program is running, you will see a list of all the start-up functions in the registry and the file locations. Look for places where it says a file that the registry is supposed to load is not found, and either uncheck that entry or change the location to the one where the file is located.

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Tried that

by rjellis59 In reply to See if this helps

Tried the Ctrl+Alt+Del, and the mouse pointer go away, then nothing. I tried to do a repair with the vista disc, and it found no errors. So, I wiped the hard drive and downloaded Vista all over again. Now, everything is working just fine. All I have to do is download all the other software that was in this thing (less the ones that her teenage kids loaded). HAHA I remember when my kids downloaded stuff off the internet in the late 90's that used to crash the computer. I will tell her what I did to stop that, "gave them a computer and told them that this is mine, you cant use it"!!

Thanks for the help!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Tried that

that you had to take the long road but it should be OK now. I went through the same experience with my boys. Ghost came in handy back in those days. Good luck.

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