Vista boot problems

By lonniec1143 ·
I am trouble shooting Windows Vista boot problems.
The computer is a HP Pavilion Lap top.
The computer will not boot in safe mode or in any other mode. It will not boot using windows recovery from disk or hard drive. I tried many boot sequences from safe mode and nothing works. The driver screen comes up and goes no further. Has anyone had similar problems?

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Have you got any data on the drive in question?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Vista boot problems

If so, then buy another drive and put the old drive in a USB powered caddy. Load on your Windows XP or Vista software and when all done with the updates, connect the USB caddy to your computer and copy or keep your data.
Hope all works out for you.

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nothing on hard drive worth saving, but!!

by lonniec1143 In reply to Have you got any data on ...

Windows Vista will not load from either hard drive or disk. The computer starts and then goes into a blue screen and thats where it stops

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checking hard drive

by lonniec1143 In reply to nothing on hard drive wor ...

I am checking the hard drive for errors, but I do not expect any problems there, I think the problem might be the mother board, can anyone confirm my suspicions?

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You need to test the HDD with the Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to checking hard drive

So that means if it's a Seagate HDD you need to use the Seagate utility not something supplied by HP.

You can get your HDD Makers testing Utility from here just click on it's name


If the drive fails the test you need to remove it fit it to another computer and retest. if it still fails then the Drive is faulty and needs replacing. Check to see if it is Under Warranty and then get HP to Repair Replace as required.

If it passes the second test you need check the Data Lead, M'Board or Power Supply as one of those is shot and no longer working correctly.

You can get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from here to do some Diagnostic tests


Also check with HP to see if your NB was one of the ones recalled for faulty manufacture and there is a free repair in place for it.

Just a word of warning though with any NB you should always use a Cool Pad under it to prevent it overheating and sucking in dust and other airborne crud which blocks the internal airways and leads to overheating. I always supply these Antec NB Coolers with any new NB that I sell.



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Similar problem but it's fixed now

by zigresse In reply to Vista boot problems

The same thing just happened to me on my HP Desktop following an upgrade of my AVG antivirus. I managed to open by going into the setup and changing the priority boot drive to my harddisk instead of cdrom drive and then in the bootmenu, selected the same harddrive. I then reinstalled by antivirus and everything is fine after 6 hours of searching. Hope it works for you.

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Ok, it now seams to be some corruption that is on your disk..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Vista boot problems

Download this:
This is in a ISO format, so you will need this also:
ISO burner:

Now burn the Killdisk software to a cd disk with the ISO burner and boot your computer with it.
This will take around three to four hours to do, when done load on your Windows system disk.
Hope it all works out for you.

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