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    Vista Business


    by lorabet ·

    I installed a clean installation of above OS. Everything went ok until one day it did not boot normally anymore, ever since I have to boot in save mode with networking in order to get into system. I am beggining to think that I shouldn’t have installed the OS.

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      by lorabet ·

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      Welcome to the Joys of being a paying Beta Tester for M$

      by hal 9000 ·

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      As you are running the system in Safe Mode with Networking you have by now no doubt picked up several thousand infections as you have nothing running to protect the OS’s Kernel from Infections. The most likely thing that happened is that you picked up some kind of infection that prevented Vista Booting normally.

      At that point you should have done some checking and scanned the entire system for Virus and Mal-ware/Spy Ware before proceeding any further.

      Now as you been running he system for longer than the estimated 15 minutes on any connection to the Internet you will have a multitude of Infections so it will probably be easier to blow away that copy of Vista and begin from scratch again. You can get used to performing this action on a [b]New Untested OS[/b] till the bugs get worked out and it becomes almost usable some time after the second Service Pack has been issued.

      Of course you realise that you should have rung M$ when this initially happened and paid their service bill to let them know what had gone wrong so that they can correct the programing problem latter with a Service Pack. If you are unwilling to ring and pay M$ for these little problems they will never get fixed as M$ doesn’t know anything about them and can do nothing to fix the poor programing that has been used to create this product.


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