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Vista Business and Exchange 2003

By bhunt ·
I am having trouble with Vista Business and Exchange 2003. Vista is constantly dropping the connection with the exchange server. It will connect for a little will and then disconnect. While the server is disconnected you can't even ping the Exchange server, it is like it does not exist. After about thirty minutes or so it will reconnect. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I hate Vista

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Vista Business and Exchan ...

(sigh)what type of router do you have, and the version, and the firmware type.

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No Router

by bhunt In reply to I hate Vista

There isn't a router, the only thing I have between the Machine and the server are a Cisco Catalyst Switch and two HP ProServe 4102 Switches.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to No Router

switches are stupid.
routers tell the packets where to go.

The basic setup process goes like this.

3.Patch Panel
5.Computing Device

All Traffic goes to the router, even if it doesn't leave the network.

If the router isn't VISTA Compatible then you are going to have problems in your environment.

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by bhunt In reply to fyi

The problem is the state of Ga maintains and manages the router for our district. I can't lay a finger on it. I will have to contact them to request an upgrade if that is what is causing the problem.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Router

call them. ask questions. tell them your problem. ask them if they've seen this before. if not. post your answers.

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Re: Switches are stupid

by LBrent In reply to fyi

No they are not. Hubs are stupid, switches are smart. Managed and most unmanaged switches do have routing tables for data traffic. It's what switches do.

Routers route traffic through different networks. You would not use a router in this scenario since he isn't even looking at the outside world. He is staying in his subnet.

And Vista compatible router? That's a joke, isn't it. Unless you are running an IP6 network, you don't need a special router.

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Vista Business and Exchange

by jordan.becker In reply to I hate Vista

What in a router is NOT compatible with Vista? If its IPv4 (which is what I am using), what incompatibility could exist?

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Vista Business and Exchange

by jordan.becker In reply to Vista Business and Exchan ...

I am having the same exact problem (Vista Business can not keep a connection with Exchange 2003 - instable). I can recover the connection by cancelling the server request (from Outlook2007), after which it recovers.

someone suggested this is a router problem? I dont see how that could be. I have the same problem with my home network access (Linksys router) and office (many Cisco routers).

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First Up

by Nimmo In reply to Vista Business and Exchan ...

First up I would check the cabling and make sure the RJ45 connectors are properly secured to the ethernet cable.

As for using a router that all depends on your network setup. Some people will have their exchange server on a different subnet which is when you will need to use a router but when its on the same subnet you can use a switch to forward the packets.

Try resolving the exchange server by hostname and IP.

You can also try flushing the ARP cache using the "arp -d *" you may have some how poisioned your arp table also flush dns "ipconfig /flushdns" while your at it.

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by armstrongb In reply to Vista Business and Exchan ...

A bold new way to stem the flow of spam and social engineering done in a way that assures Exchange will never be over run or congested by the 'secure by design' Vista boxes....(with tongue firmly in cheek.)

But seriously, all you really need to do is upgrade all your servers and PCs to the latest MS OS and Office 2007, as my MS TAM (technical account manager) explained to me, and then it will all work just fine. (She really said this to me as I laughed her off the phone. She also denied the existence of macro virus for most the 1990's so I don't believe a word she says)

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