vista cannot start when i change my physical memory to 2GB

By litogs2006 ·
how can i address the problem?

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Bad mem?

by mpace In reply to vista cannot start when i ...

Can you confirm the mem change in the bios? You might have bad mem. Try mixing in the known good sticks to see if you can pinpoint the bad stick or sticks.

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There is another possibility here

by OH Smeg In reply to vista cannot start when i ...

The RAM may have Timing Issues which make the System Unstable or may actually prevent it from Starting.

Ideally you should have the Same Size, Brand and from the same Batch RAM Fitted to your Computer to prevent Timing Issues occurring. You may find that all the RAM is fine by itself but the moment that you start to mix it you run into these problems. The easiest ones to isolate is when the system doesn't actually start as it's fairly obvious what the problem is. The cases if where a system falls over after running for quite some time are harder to isolate.

Of course I'm assuming here that you are registering the RAM change in BIOS before attempting to start the OS. If not you need to enter BIOS after every RAM change and Save on Exit to register the New RAM Configuration with BIOS to allow it to be access correctly and not introduce Mapping problems with the RAM.


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