Vista can't Detect my TV

By AruJammer ·
I'm used to watch DVD's from my PC on my TV with windows XP, but since i installed Vista Ent. my PC can't detect my TV.

I have tried many things and i don't want to roleback to XP.

Here some info:
OS: Vista Enterprise
Graphic: Club 3D NVidia FX5200 with S-video out.

When i start the computer i can see the BIOS loading and Vista loading page on my TV, but as soon as it get to the vista logon screen the tv turn black. I though it was a hardware problem so i installed the newest driver, but stil no luck

Can anyone help me?

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Go into your graphic card settings and make sure that the TV..

Is the main monitor/screen. You might have to change a few settings for it to work. You are seeing the startup on the TV so you are almost there. Then again it could be a security issue with the Vista DRM. Meaning if you can watch the video's on your TV then you can record them, so it might be the DRM coming into play.
More on DRM here:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Can't detect tv with Graphic Card

by AruJammer In reply to Go into your graphic card ...

I went into the setting of my graphic card.

I don't see any TV screen, seems like no detection of my TV.

I don't think DRM is an issue here, since i can not even clone/dualview my monitor.
Or is there perhaps a way to disable the DRM ? (no cracks)

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Before installing Vista, did you check for and get hold of ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't detect tv with Grap ...

Vista-compatible drivers for the GeForce FX5200 graphics card that you've got.

A swift check on Google is returning a myriad of problems for other users:

This may be where your problem lies.

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No...i did not

by AruJammer In reply to Before installing Vista, ...

,cause after installation my graphic card works fine. Vista recognize my card, but it's poorly rated with a 2, since it's only a 128MB card.

When i was trying to use monitor cloning on the TV, this was not working, then i went to the NVidia official site (re-directed by Club 3d site) and downloaded/install the newest drivers for Vista

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You might need to get a HDMI TV for this to work.

Like i said in my earlier post it might be the DRM thing. Remember that Vista has locked down a few things that Xp did not have. So if you want to run this in your old settings then XP would be the way to go. What you can do or might need is a more powerful graphic card with duel HDMI ports (your TV supports this, but you can get an adaptor) so that you can get video to show on your TV. If that is tooo pricey then get a dvd player for your tv.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Yeah.....!!!!... that was my first option

by AruJammer In reply to You might need to get a H ...

to go and get a vista compatible video card with more MB.But still i wanted to see if there was another solution to this.

Thanx anyway,

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