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vista causing noisy hdd

By orabus666 ·
Has any one else come across the problem of vista(32 home premium) causing the hdd to sound like its defraging, its that bad its unusable. Nothing is showing in task manager (idle 99%
), all scheduled tasks are off and no scans are running in the background! Must say when I got the system problem wasnt there or not noticed anyway I dual boot with xp64 anyone got ideas before I wipe vista and stick xp32 on a dual boot instead.
System asus p5 mobo 4GB ram maxtor 500GB sata hdd.

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by paul In reply to vista causing noisy hdd

A noisy hard drive is a noisy hard drive. One operating system or another isn't going to change that. If you don't have any tasks that are hitting the disk and its still "noisy", make sure you don't have any type of indexing service running. Monitor your disk IO and see if you can't track down what's accessing the disk.

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Could be a number of things

by JamesRL In reply to Really???

If the OS is set to make too much use of the disk for paging/swap space, it can be accessing the drive often, and this can make it sound noisy.

The solution generally is to install more RAM so you can lower the swap space requirements.


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page file swop

by orabus666 In reply to Could be a number of thin ...

Thanks dude vm set to auto surely with 4gig on a 32 bit vista plenty. If any other thoughts on the matter please let me know.

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REALLY honest

by orabus666 In reply to Really???

Honest nothing is registering, drive is noisy because its noisy but only because its being constantly accessed for no apparent reason. all indexing and scheduled services turned off! After a trundle round other forums this seems to fairly common and no ones seems to have a clue! gona dump vista but determined to find out wot it is. Any more ideas please let me know. cheers

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Software causing Noise

by dmiles In reply to REALLY honest

It would seem that this would be a hard drive problem,it could be accessing files that are located in different sectors of the drive,yet the mechanical operations of the drive itself is not the software,this issue was apperent when large drives were first introduced,a whirling or roaring sound would exist,when defragmented files were spread over large sectors.Check the drive when the noise occurs and the type of noise you are getting,and what applications you are using,try defragmenting the drive.

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by orabus666 In reply to Software causing Noise

Originally my first thought,thats why it crossed my mind that the dual boot could be causing files to fragment more than usual. But originally i had a triple boot(2003,xp32,vista)no probs occurred until i had a bad virus, so reinstalled vista no better. So then i thought sod it and reformatted the entire drive (maxtor 500GB)and clean installed xp64 and vista32.I was stunned when off it went again like a machine gun no applications running, 97%idle using 30%ram!! Nothing significant showing in processes, have defraged run uniblue done all cleaning processes i can think of no change! So i think its time to dump vista, i would really just like to know why vista noisy and xp not??? thanks

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See what happens when you try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to vista causing noisy hdd

Click Start, Control Panel, Windows Defender, Tools, Options and untick everything.

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by orabus666 In reply to See what happens when you ...

Tried that before no joy, mind you have now turned it off completely and it does seem to have mellowed out! Will see how it goes thanks peops think got as good a solution as im going to get. Will post this solution on some other forums and see what feedback i get. Thanks again

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