Vista causing router resets

By sclemmer ·
My formerly reliable network has gone to $%#$ thanks to Vista. Had W2K system (wired), 4 XP systems (3 wireless, 1 wired) connexting to a D-Link614+ router. After swapping out the 3 wireles systems for Vista systems, the network connection keeps resetting every couple of minutes or sometimes every 10-15 seconds. I know its the Vista systems, because if I disable the wireless portion of the router, the two wired systems stay connected. I've tried diabling UPnP on the router and the Vista systems, but then the Vista systems couldn't bring up any normal pages. They could see the router, but not the Internet. Any HELP!!! greatly appreciated. I'm ready to demand downgrades to XP from Microsoft for the new systems.

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Re: Vista causing router resets

by michael In reply to Vista causing router rese ...

Ugh... I hate Vista... but that's another topic! Is Vista managing the wireless adapter? Is it possible to use the Wireless NIC manufacturer's tools (i.e. Intel Proset for Intel NICs, etc.) Often, the manufacturer's tools have access to features & settings of the adapter than the OS doesn't.

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Weird solution

by sclemmer In reply to Re: Vista causing router ...

I was able to get things running better by setting the router to NOT auto-negotiate the speed. Setting everything to 100Mbps has everything at least connected and working. However if any of the Vista systems use IE, the router will intermittently still reset. While this is happening, I watched the Vista networking, and the router icon will change to "multiple networks", then "identifying", then reconnect to the router. I only have the one network configured, although there are others in the vicinity, I don't have them in the network connection list. Is there a way to tell Vista to totally ignore all other wireless? I have sneaking suspicion that this this problem is embedded in Vista's touted multiple network abilities.

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Vista causing router resets

by frasersnow In reply to Vista causing router rese ...

I had a similar problem. My two XP PCs worked fine and two Vista PC's have problems. Slow internet and frequent disconnects. I unticked Qos Internet and Internet Protocol V6. No more disconnects and internet is about five times faster. Hope this helps.

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