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Vista Computer joining Windows 7 Homegroup network

By Ian SA ·
Help, please. I read Greg Shultz article, "How do I make Windows 7 HomeGroup content accessible to Vista and XP". I have a Desktop and an HP laptop both running Windows 7, and a Dell Laptop running Vista.
I followed Greg's instructions, created a Homegroup with the two Windows 7 Computers and Standard User Accounts with the same name and password on the same computers. I logged in and logged out of each of them. Then I connected the Dell Vista computer via Start/Network entering the same User name and password.
It worked like a dream. Each computer could see and work with documents on each of the others.
THEN! I didn't like the User Name on the Dell (Vista) Laptop and changed it! The Windows 7 computers were shut out. As soon as I clicked on the Dell from one of the "7" computers I was confronted with "Enter Network Password" and must enter a username and password. I tried the username and password I'd created and all sorts of others, but it accepted nothing.
So I deleted everything--the new User Accounts on the two "7's", changed the Dell's User Name back, switched everything off, and started again.
This time I get through to connecting the Vista and it's very happy. It can read and write to the HP and the Desktop. But try to get to the Vista via the other two and it wants a username and password and I don't know what to give it.
What now, please?

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