Vista computer printing to Xp

By yechi2001 ·
I have searched this topic on the internet and have not found anything that works

I have a Vista laptop on a network that will not connect to any of the XP machines on the network.

I am able to access the Vista machine by typing in \\Machine_name where Machine_Name is the name of the Vista machine.

However I cannot do this the other way.

My main concern is printing from the vista machine to the printer that is connected to to the XP machine.


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Well if you got Vista as an OEM product the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista computer printing t ...

Company who sold it on the NB should be the first option to ask for help as they have to support their product and Vista as well.

I don't know if you have tried this one but M$ runs a Web Site called the Windows Vista Community where there is now a fairly decent DBase of Data on using Vista like you are trying to do you could look through the already asked questions here or if you do not find a question asked ask a new one

If you bought either a Retail or Upgrade copy of Vista M$ has to provide the support that you require and they really need to know what problems are occurring with Vista so that they can work out problems that are embedded into the code so if you bought either an Retail or Upgrade Copy ring them and ask for a solution but you'll need to tell them if this Vista Machine is on a Domain or a Peer to Peer Network and if you can get Vista Drivers for this printer. If you have an OEM copy stick to the Windows Vista Community as M$ will want to charge you for any assistance offered.


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Vista Computer printing to XP

by edgardner808 In reply to Vista computer printing t ...

This works: Go to the XP machine and open Sharing/Computer Sharing. Do this for Vista machine also, then Open Network properties on the Vista and search for other computers. You will need the name of both computers. The Vista machine should see the XP. Install Vista Printer drivers on your Vista machine then print off of the XP>

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Yechi2001, try this solution

by squirrelking In reply to Vista computer printing t ...

I was having your exact same problem and I found this solution on some small wi-fi forum so now I'm posting everywhere that I can.

- On Vista PC go to "Control Panel" - "Printers" - "Add printer".
- Believe or not, click "Add a local printer" (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn't work).
- Click "Create a new port" - "Local Port" - "Next"
- In the next box you have to enter a port name like this:
\\PC name\Printer name
where "PC name" is the network name of the XP PC or Network Share where you have the printer and "Printer name" is the network name of that printer. Be careful with this names. Check in your XP PC "Control Panel" - "Printers and faxes" - "your printer" - right click - "share" - "share resources name"
- Choose the manufacturer and printer model of the printer you are adding.
- Now the printer will be added and you can print a test page or print something to test it.

Hope it helps until MS fixes it!

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by mknowles In reply to Yechi2001, try this solut ...

SquirrelKing.... You are a BEAST. I have been looking for this answer for two friggen weeks. MS should post it on the tech support site and send you 5 cents everytime someone views it!

Total Gracias!

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