Vista - doesn't recognize 2nd SATA hard Drive

By rrb828 ·
Hey folks,

I just put together a system with Vista (Home Premium) that has 2 seagate 320GB SATA hard drives. Initially, I had trouble installing Vista with both drives attached, but was able to overcome that by removing one of them,...However,...I can't seem to get Vista to recognize the second SATA drive - or let me be more specific, Vista can SEE the drive (it recognizes it as an unallocated volume), but I can't seem to format, mount, or do anything with it,'s simply regarded as 'disc 0' with 320GB of unallocated space,...Any thoughts on how to mount this drive and make use of it? I'm new to Vista (who isn't) and SATA drives and am wishing the damn things had a set of master/slave jumpers,...Let me know. Thanks


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OK I don't think that there are to many people here who can help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista - doesn't recognize ...

You with the current level of information that you have provided. If you would like to post this to the Vista Community Forum they may have an answer or a workaround available but you'll need to list your hardware like M'Board Make & Model the Make & Model of your HDD's and every other piece of hardware involved as it could be something as simple as a driver clash or it could be a Hardware Issue that needs addressing by changing the code.

I really suggest that you post your question here for better results.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Vista - doesn't recognize ...

To make use of it you need to create a partition on it and then you can format it and use it.
Open Disk Management tool (diskmgmt.msc) or right click My Computer and click Manage.
Select the disk, right click and create a New Partition, give a name and format it, it should appear on Explorer eventually.

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Many thanks!

by jstelling In reply to Disks

I was having precisely this problem and found this via a Google search. Your advice was spot-on! And it saved me many hours of frustration.

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Thank you!!

by mr.mik3 In reply to Disks

Just as jstelling I found this easy solution via google - which I should have done before screwing around myself for an hour. Problem fixed:)

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Format a second hard drive in Vista

by dtfr In reply to Vista - doesn't recognize ...

I installed a second hard drive (500 GB WD Caaviar SE 16 - WD5000AAKS) in Vista Premium Home - and encountered a similar problem. Western Digital did not have their "Data Lifeguard Tools" working in Vista. I was able to "Stumble" on the solution:

Click on the start button; right click on "computer" (which is in the right panel of the pop-up.) Click on manage. click on disk management. right click on the new drive, click on format. It worked for me.

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almost worked

by naylors4him In reply to Format a second hard driv ...

I have a similar situation and followed your steps. But instead of formatting at end, I chose "make volume", checked the format box, and it worked!

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2nd drive in Vista

by rbray7 In reply to Format a second hard driv ...

I'm trying to format a non-recognised drive in Vista. I followed the steps you took but the drive is not listed in the manage part. it is as if it wasn't there - except it is!

How can I get my WD2500KS serial ATA HDD to gain the recognition it so richly deserves?


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Speaking Volumes

by p.j.hutchison In reply to 2nd drive in Vista

Right click the drive and select 'New Simple Volume' and then select its size, a drive letter and tick option to format it.

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2nd Drive in Vista - Same Problem

by ejames6342 In reply to 2nd drive in Vista

I have Vista on a Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 which has two 80GB SATA hard drives. The second is not showing and I can't format it from disk management services because it is not shown.

Also, I checked the BIOS and it does not see my second hard drive, nor does My Computer but it is there. All I did was upgrade from Windows XP Service Pack 3 to installing Windows Vista. I have the latest RAID drivers from Toshiba which was updated after I installed Vista. The latest BIOS was installed from Toshiba website BEFORE I upgraded and it was listed in the BIOS.

How do I fix this problem?? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!


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Many Thanks this worked for me

by andyb1468 In reply to Format a second hard driv ...

one day we'll all get used to Vista then they'll change it again. Thanks again.

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