Vista Downgrade Problem

By LowRyda ·
Hi I have a Compaq Presario CQ60:
Dual Core 2ghz
230 gb SATA HDD
3 gb DDR2

Recenty I attempted to downgrade from Vista Home to XP Sp2.

I slipstreamed the sata driver into the my XP SP2 installation(using nlite) and successfully loaded the XP setup once the initial setup completed and the 1st reboot commenced the it did not continue to boot and all that was displayed was a flashing white cursor on a black screen. I managed to compete the installation by booting from a previously created XP boot disk, but XP will no boot unless the boot disk is in the drive (shows the flashing cursor).

Please help

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By the sounds of things you messed up the nLite

by OH Smeg In reply to Vista Downgrade Problem

Slipstream, if you did this properly there shouldn't be any problems with the system booting to the Default Drivers.

You may be able to get around this however if you apply the M'Board Chip Set Drivers that is of course if HP has any for this Model Computer and XP of course.

If you have the M$ Branded Install Disc try a In Place Install as outlined here

You Can Not use a Slipstreamed Install Disc from either nLite or a System Makers recovery Disc you need a M$ Branded Install Disc.


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new symptom

by LowRyda In reply to Vista Downgrade Problem

When attempting to install apps the system detects no disk space. although there is 216 gb free. Has anyone encountered this would this be a sata driver issue?

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Which version of XP is in use here?

by OH Smeg In reply to new symptom

What is the Service Pack Level?

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by LowRyda In reply to Which version of XP is in ...

This is XP Pro SP2(was mentioned in original post)

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OK then did you wipe the HDD first

by OH Smeg In reply to Vista Downgrade Problem

Before attempting to install XP?

A Windows Vista Partition is slightly different to a XP Partition as Vista has different Security protocols. At the very least do a Fast Format of the Main Partition when you install the OS.

You may also want to delete the Recovery Partition as well here because if it is used it will restore Vista to this system.

OH and BTW I did read the SP2 bit but with nLite you can also add Service Packs. Sometimes SP3 causes issues on a new install. :)


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Its now working

by LowRyda In reply to OK then did you wipe the ...

I repacked the drivers into the installation medium (with an updated version) and reinstalled performing a full format prior and BINGO!!! she has come good!!

Thank you for your assistance!!

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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to Its now working

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