Vista, driving me straight to Dell

By Chi-7 ·
I have a client with a Dell XPS, Vista Home Premium, Gorgeous machine, totally useless,
makes 98-SE on a 486-DX2 look like a fireball.

I have heard Dell was supporting XP-Pro "downgrades" although seems more like an
upgrade to something that works.

At this point the Dell E-mail system does not recognize the "service tag ID" or "Code ID,"
there is no general delivery without the product codes the phone robot also will not let
you speak to anything with a pulse rate, I'm pretty much finished with speaking to things
with a clock rate unless Ray Kurzweil built it,

Any suggestions? (besides were microscrewed)

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by shasca In reply to Vista, driving me straigh ...

You don't mention the ESC number. Did you try that with Dell? We have always been able to get help with that or the service tag number.

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Out of interest

by Nimmo In reply to Vista, driving me straigh ...

What do you mean by totally useles? There is no such thing as a down grade package you have to get a copy and XP and format the PC.

Here is some infomation regarding downgrade rights:

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At TechRepublic, we're here to help :)

by robo_dev In reply to Vista, driving me straigh ...

Welcome to Tech Republic tech support, my name is Michael Dell, how may I be of assistance?

So, in other words, what's wrong?

If you think Dell is bad, try calling your cable company when your cable modem stops time I had a guy ask me to go look outside for firetrucks or ambulances...I'm serious. He was trying to explain to me that the high-powered radios in emergency vehicles can interfere with cable modems. I pretended to walk to the window, and trying my best not to laugh, said 'No, don't see any emergency vehicles.....' :)

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My last 2 times with cable companies

by The Scummy One In reply to At TechRepublic, we're he ...

resulted in being told several times that their new (and tested) modem failed and I had to take it back. After 2 trips (both times) finally the 3rd person that I got found the problem and was able to hook me up.
Both problems took most of a day on the phone with them (several calls).
Yep, cable companies suck a**

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get a human at dell

by SKDTech In reply to Vista, driving me straigh ...

Dell Sales $ 800‑624‑9897 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.

Dell Tech Support $ 800‑624‑9896 Press 3; say "agent" at each additional prompt, ignoring messages.

For future reference is a great site for finding out how to wade through the customer no-service lines

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This M$ Tech Net Forum may be of use to you here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista, driving me straigh ...

But you will have to look on Dell's Web Site to see if they supply XP Drivers for this unit.


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