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Vista fbw backup file issues

By rebafan ·
I was updating Windows VIsta to SP1 and Vista corrupted a file causing me to have to reformat my hard drive and to reinstall Vista.
I backed up using the ONLY resource they had as I could not manually back up due to the computer crash. The backup was put on a External hard drive. So now I have 2 files on my external harddrive, now got backup.1.exe and backup.1.fbw
The fbw file is 64 gigs, NO WAY to back it up to a DVD, CD etc because of it's size.
Tried renaming the fbw to backup.001.fbw but the program no matter what I have done or where I have run it keeps saying, please insert Disk #1... Don't have one... so it isn't working.
Tried to put the EXE and fbw both on the main computer to no avail, set the program compatibility to Windows XP (SP2), Tried hooking the external hard drive up to an XP computer,... Disabled my CD\DVD rom in order to see if it would stop looking for the disk there etc.
Not sure what to do at this point, if I rename the exe file to backup.001.exe it freezes and won't work.
Called HP, they know NOTHING, called Compaq NOTHING...
I have 64 gigs of information backed up and no way to get to it, ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated

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Not able to use that article... any other ideas?

by rebafan In reply to Recovering HP PCs with Vi ...

The backup was made already... it backed all of the information up to my external drive in 1 file that is a .fbw file along with a program called backup.1.exe BUT when I try to run the EXE program it says please insert disk #1 BUT the information isn't on a disk... it is on the external hard drive and the program won't let me access it...
I called Fry's, they said they had dealt with this error before so I took it to Fry's Electronics and after $150 and almost 2 weeks at the shop, they said that they found no data to recover... they can't get information from an .fbw file...
I am at a loss of what else to do to recover 64 Gigs of information... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Try this solution

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Recovering HP PCs with Vi ...
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Vista backup files ending in .fbw

by willieware In reply to Vista fbw backup file iss ...

I could not open windows vista for unknown reasons. File was corrupted and would not boot. Would not open in safe mode or any other methods other than reinstalling.
I decided to up grade to Windows 7 Home premium. To upgrade, Vista had to be able to boot, which it could not do.
I had to go with a clean installation of Windows 7 which would cause a loss of all files.
I backed up all files to a USB external hard drive.
Installed Windows 7. and was not able to reinstall saved files.
I was unable to open 001.fbw (exe) file as stated in this thread.
I tried adding "0", no sucess. I tried removing "0", no luck.
I returned saved files to as saved condition.
I added "msvcr71.dll" to file folder, tried again, no luck.
Transfered files to C: drive and repeated above steps, no luck.
Added "0" to file 010.fbw.
Double clicked file "backup.001" and it opened.
Transfer started to C:\system recovery files, "C" sub folder.
Took approximately 3. 5 hours to transfer 9 files, 30.3 GB.
All of this was a combination of a lot of suggestions on this thread.
Good luck to you all.

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