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    Vista Hacked already…Didn’t see that one coming ;0


    by radiic ·

    Well i guess thats what happens when you give a copy of your OS to some people at a black hat convention and ask them to please hack away at it. I will give them some credit though, it sounds like Vista is there most secure product yet. All of us here know that there is always going to be a hole somewhere, and thats its just a matter of time until someone finds it and exploits it.

    The best way to secure a pc is to pull the power cord and throw it away, but then what fun is that>? So hey just make the best of it and keep the updates downloading……

    See I didnt bash M$ like you thought i was.

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      You want real fun, ActiveX Installer Service

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Vista Hacked already…Didn’t see that one coming ;0

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      Of course its going to be hacked

      by crashoverider ·

      In reply to Vista Hacked already…Didn’t see that one coming ;0

      I am not surprised that Vista is already hacked, actually I am surprised it took so long.

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        probably more of a case

        by nzbn ·

        In reply to Of course its going to be hacked

        of why exploit vista just yet it’s only in the Beta and millions of people dont have it yet. much better to keep those discovered holes in reserve until Dell gets it’s first million off the block then you can wreak some real havoc

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          EXACTLY! [EOM]

          by itsecurityguy ·

          In reply to probably more of a case

          NT, as in “no text” [that’s what EOM=End Of Message means, but TechRepublic won’t allow an empty message to be posted] go figure!

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          Just might be so

          by pmshah9 ·

          In reply to probably more of a case

          What with all this bull of WGA, there may be people out there who just can’t wait for the official release to unwind & UNLEASH.

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        It didn’t take so long.

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to Of course its going to be hacked

        Vista exploits have existed for the betas for a while now. I saw reports of at least two during the whole beta testing cycle. The only reason this is significant is because this is the first time Microsoft had the hubris to actually directly challenge security crackers to attack Vista, and Vista is (finally) nearing commercial release (for some definition of “near”). No need to be surprise: it didn’t take this long for someone to crack security on Vista.

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          What hacks

          by rndmacts ·

          In reply to It didn’t take so long.

          I have read evreything about Black Hat and while MS won points on security, only two presentations were given by people who had hacked Vista, and they both admitted that the exploits had been closed by MS in later betas.

          I think that maybe we should start cutting some slack to MS, because they are doing everything beforehand to insure that there are no weaknesses in this release. They have five security companies trying to break the system and every result is being dealt with before final release of the software.

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          those “hacks”

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to What hacks

          Those are “exploits” and “security cracks”, not necessarily “hacks”. Read RFC 1392’s definition of “hacker” some time to enlighten yourself on the proper use of the term “hack”.

          In any case, you commented on presentations at the conference that addressed earlier vulnerabilities. That’s my point: the stuff discovered at the conference in response to Microsoft’s invitation wasn’t the only stuff to be discovered so far. The fact that the earlier vulnerability discoveries have (at least mostly) been fixed doesn’t change the fact that they were discovered.

          As for “every result is being dealt with before final release”, that’s not really accurate. Every result [i]so far[/i] is being dealt with as it comes up. There will be more after release. I strongly suspect the later found vulnerabilities will suffer many of the same problems as vulnerabilities discovered for earlier Windows releases. Microsoft is just getting a head-start on some of them, at long last — which is an improvement, but hardly the holy grail of security.

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          quite right

          by nzbn ·

          In reply to those “hacks”

          The fact that it is still based on thier older OS’s and has not had years and years of continuous security auditing on it’s code from the ground up means that it would be a near impossible task to plug even half the leaks in the sinking ship. (Audit how many billion lines of code for vulnrabilities? even 50 security companies couldnt do that in a year)

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      Nothing is hack proof

      by jimmie.kepler ·

      In reply to Vista Hacked already…Didn’t see that one coming ;0

      Nothing is hack proof – enough said …

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