vista hardrive out & put in new hardrive and load XP

By waverly.nichols ·
Unfortunately my husband bought a Toshiba that is Vista capable and we never upgraded to down load Vista to the laptop. We hate Vista! I think anything that is on the laptop is also on the XP desktop. Can I take out the "vista capable" hardrive and insert a brand new hardrive and use my XP disk that came with my old computer to load XP on to the laptop? I think I read something about having to format the new hardrive before installing XP on it? I'm so confused!!! (or maybe I'm an idiot!)Thanks!

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Couple of Things

by TheChas In reply to vista hardrive out & put ...

First, before doing anything, does Toshiba have XP drivers that you can download for this system? If not, you could end up doing a lot of work looking for the correct drivers in order to make XP run on this.

Second, Unless your old computer is also a Toshiba, there is a good chance that the disk won't work with the newer system. Many OEM restore disks only work the hardware from the specific manufacture. Another secondary issue is having a product key that will work for this new PC. While you are allowed to downgrade from Vista to XP, there are issues and limitations with what media and product key you can use.

Now, the first line of your post has me confused. If this system is "Vista Capable" but does not have Vista installed why do you need to start over?

Right click on the My Computer Icon on either the start menu, or on the desktop. Select properties and verify which version of Windows and service pack level you are running.

If it states that you are running XP, your problems may be from software that Toshiba installed on the system.


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Vista hardrive vs XP hardrive

by gpwn In reply to Couple of Things

Thanks for the reply Chas. The Vista computer says Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1 and then under that it says "Upgrade to Window Vista" in my computer. When I try to use vista programs on the laptop it says I have to upgrade that the trial has expired which is why I said that Vista isn't installed. As I'm typing this I realise that it's there I just haven't bought the Vista liscense. The old desktop is XP prof. Version 2002 SP 3. I have both pcs tied to a router that is hooked to a cable modem. As far as the XP drivers and all that I have no clue. I have feeling that I'm just screwed. Please let me know what to do. thanks

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What 'Vista Programs' are you trying to start?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Vista hardrive vs XP hard ...

If you are trying to start software that came with this computer, chances are you're only trying to start trial software which the manufacturer pre-loaded just so you could try it.

What kind of license is stuck to the bottom/side/back of the computer? Does it say it's licensed for Vista? How old is the computer? Is it still under warranty? Have you called the manufacturer (or where you bought it) to see what was installed on this computer when you purchased it? What does your receipt say that you bought installed on the computer?

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Couple of Ideas

by TheChas In reply to Vista hardrive vs XP hard ...

That is a new twist.

Many of the computers that were sold with XP on them just before Vista came out were going to be offered a free upgrade to Vista from the computer manufacture. I'm wondering if the installation of SP1 damaged the licensing / activation files. But, if the activation file was damaged, the system would not even boot up.

If it does turn out to be an activation issue, start with the system manufacture for resolution.

Thinking about this, are the programs you are attempting to use actually part of Office? Many systems come with a trial version of Microsoft Office. Instead of a fixed length of time, Office works for a set number of openings. That is, you can use Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) say 20 or 30 times, and then your trial period ends.

If the actual program is part of Office, then you have a couple of options:
1. Switch to Open Office which is an open source suite that performs the same tasks as Office.
2. Purchase a license or copy of Office.
Most systems come with the Home and Student edition of Office. If you are using this for business purposes, you should buy the full version. If it is just home use, you can find the Home Edition of Office for $80 on sale from time to time.
3. Install an alternate application of your choice. Corel still sells and supports Word Perfect. Sun offers Star Office. There are others.

Like thumbsup2, if this really is a part of Vista that states the trial has expired, I would like to know what it is.


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