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I built a computer with two hard drives (C: and ) to keep my data on the D drive. I installed Vista home premium x64 and, with help from instructions on the Form, I moved my personal folder to the D drive. JMK appears on the start display. I created a folder in JMK called JMusic (not My Music) for my music files and copied two folders (M1 and M2) to JMusic with several thousand mp3 files (many hours invested in categorizing, prioritizing and tagging with Music Match).

I installed Media Monkey (which keeps its database in C:\user\username(JMK)\appdata\local\mediamonkey and ADDED the files in M1 and M2 to the library and converted MusicMatch tag data to the MediaMonkey data base. I made a backup of JMusic and the database after making more additions and changes to the MediaMonkey library. All worked well UNTIL:

My D drive got corrupted and had to be reformatted. I copied the backup JMusic to the \JMK folder but MediaMonkey can't find the files when I try to play them. Checking the properties of a file in the MediaMonkey library (database) indicates it is looking for the file in:

[Data HD D]\JMK\JMusic\artist folder\song.mp3

I suspect the Personal folder links are\were screwed up. What steps should I take to reload JMusic backup so the pointers in the database find the file on the D drive? Note, changes were made to the library after the backup was made and I hope to recover them. Simply recreating the library will lose them. I also suspect I need a lesson on how Vista handles Personal Folders

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