Vista Home Basic

By makbri30 ·
I have Vista Home Basic and I hate it. I tried to partition the drive and install XP Pro. That did not work. If I buy a new hard drive and install XP Pro will that solve the problem? The computer came with Vista already installed.

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If you want to get rid of Vista

by cmiller5400 In reply to Vista Home Basic

If you want to rid the system of Vista consider using DBAN http://dban.sourceforge.net/ to wipe the drive first. Then install XP. Just remember to backup any files that you want/need before you run DBAN because it will shred the drive.

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removing Vista

by makbri30 In reply to If you want to get rid of ...

When I use the DBAN will the soundcard and PCI controllers and all that work when I install XP. I just want to make sure since the computer came with Vista from the store.

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by apotheon In reply to removing Vista

Whether or not all your hardware will work with XP depends on what hardware you have -- and whether XP supports that hardware.

You said that installing XP "did not work" in your original post. Unfortunately, to provide useful information on how to make it work (or whether it's possible), it helps if we know how it failed to work. What exactly is wrong with it?

Can you tell us any more information about the hardware you're using? Perhaps someone knows whether your hardware in particular should work with XP.

What kind of XP install is it? Is it Home or Professional? What service pack is it?

At this point, the single most important piece of information you can give us is probably explaining in more detail how installing XP "did not work".

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XP install

by makbri30 In reply to maybe

When I first bought the computer I did not like Vista from the beginning. So, I partitioned the hard drive and installed XP onto the partition. Then the computer would not boot. So I did some research and found that you had to load an earlier version of windows first. From there, I used the boot disk for the computer and re-installed vista to the other partition. Then my computer would boot with either version I wanted. But, not all of the hardware would work. With XP the sound card and the PCI controller would not work. Nor could I connect to the internet. Also, when I booted with vista the PCI controller would not work and I could not connect to the internet. So, I could boot with either operating system, it was just that not everything would work. The version of XP is professional with SP2.

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It sounds like you need drivers

by cmiller5400 In reply to XP install

Download the chipset drivers from the maker of the motherboard. That is probably why you can't access the PCI cards. The sound drivers are probably another package from the same site if it is onboard.

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one more thing . . .

by apotheon In reply to It sounds like you need d ...

It seems as though the major problem is that Vista is unacceptable, but trying to replace it runs into problems with drivers. That being the case, you might consider other OSes besides MS Windows, if you don't specifically need MS Windows for some reason. I might recommend PC-BSD if you are not familiar with non-Microsoft OSes as a gentle introduction.

I can't guarantee that all the hardware will be supported "out of the box" with PC-BSD, either, but it might be worth a try if you're interested in trying something new.

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Thank You!

by makbri30 In reply to Vista Home Basic

Thanks for the info. I will try the Dariks's Boot and Nuke and then install XP. What's the worst that could happen?! I'll have to get a new hard drive. Thanx again.

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Hold on !!

by tintoman In reply to Thank You!

I would urge you think very carefully about this before you carry on....I have removed Vista for 3 of my customers now and luckily (for them) I have always been able to find drivers for their hardware that work with XP. But BEWARE there is no guarantee that drivers exist for your computer to work with XP or that there ever will be, otherwise there is no reason at all why you can't dual boot from one hard drive but 2 is better

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On the other hand . . .

by apotheon In reply to Hold on !!

If makbri30 has a restore CD from the OEM that can be used to recreate the original state of the system, there's little reason to avoid experimenting. It depends on what came with the computer, and on whether the restore CD (if there is one) is one of those things that relies on a "hidden" partition on the hard drive or a self-contained restoration.

I'm not familiar with the specific drive wiping tool being discussed, but if it can be used to clean up the drive in general but leave the restore partition alone, that opens up a lot more room for experimentation even if makbri30 only has the sort of restore CD that requires that partition.

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Thank you again

by makbri30 In reply to On the other hand . . .

To all of you thank you. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to leave the computer well enough alone. The wiping tool mentioned earlier would not even boot. I know this may sound a little...well. The main reason I was trying to do this was for my son. He loves Command and Conquer, The First Decade. I have it on my laptop (XP) but the game will not load on the desktop (Vista). I am going to try again to get in touch with EA, for the fifth time and get an answer. Thanks again.

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