Vista Home Basic won't allow Windows XP Media Center to be loaded

By berniekealy ·
This PC came pre-installed with Vista Home Basic. I want to install Windows Media Center on it (not included with Vista Basic). I've been reading all kinds of suggestions about dual booting, partitioning etc. but I haven't seen anything about my particular problem.Vista won't allow XP to be installed on it because it's an older version of Windows. I have a second hard drive installed as a slave and it is listed as the D drive. I've formatted it but I'm unable to gain access to it to install XP. The C drive cannot be formatted. I've attempted partioning it but must have done something incorrect because I couldn't do the install.Can I disable or do something with the C hard drive to allow access to the other drive? My goal is to run only Windows XP Media Center.

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one more thing....

by berniekealy In reply to Vista Home Basic won't al ...

I've tried Microsoft's Virtual Machine but it doesn't work with Vista Basic eother.

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Well it depends on what you want to do here

by OH Smeg In reply to one more thing....

But you Do Not install Media Center through Windows you need to insert the Install Media into the Optical Drive and start the computer and boot off the Optical Drive. Then press any key to boot off the CD if you do not see that message restart the computer enter BIOS and change the Boot Order to Optical Drive, HDD and save the changes when you exit BIOS.

Follow the Install Prompts and complete the Windows Installer Routine selecting the Unused Drive to install Media Center to.

You will need a M$ Branded Install Disc here not a System Makers Recovery Disc as they only have the drivers for the Hardware that they where made for and most times will not complete the Install Process on different Hardware. After this is finished you will be prompted to chose which OS you want to use on the restart using the Arrow Keys Navigate to the Media Center and press Enter. Media Center will now load but you will most likely be required to install the Drivers for most of the Hardware. Make sure that you install the XP Sound Drivers Before you connect to the Windows or Microsoft Update Server or you will be unable to afterward.

Look in the Device Manager for a list of Drivers that you require make a list of them on paper and then use the Vista OS to locate them unzip them if necessary and then copy the Install Files to the Media Center Drive and restart the system and install the Drivers.

As the Device Manager will only show Unknown Device use Unknown Device Identifier to find out the Hardware you require Drivers for.

Post back if you have any problems.


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tried the suggestions

by berniekealy In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

First, thanks for the replies. I've tried everything suggested. I bought this cheapy PC to use mainly to store movies and other downloads. I'm afraid none of the suggestions worked. I can't even change the boot priority! In the BIOS, it remains on the first HD. Everything is locked up tight. I think I will remove the second hard drive, put it in another PC and install Media Center that way.

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The answer: Marketing!!!!

by partnersph_2 In reply to one more thing....

"Why allow the installation of software that the consumers already have when we can make money prohibiting it and selling new software!"

- Microso%#$%

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re: not being allowed to install

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Vista Home Basic won't al ...

Well, first of all, you can't install WinXP while you're up and running under a different operating system. Second, you can't format the HDD you're currently using, which is C.

What you need to do is boot up TO the WinXP Media Center CD and let the installation routine wipe drive C and install itself. You might need to enter the BIOS to enable the system to boot to the CD first. This, of course, will get rid of Vista completely, along with any documents, pictures or email that you have stored on the drive. So, be sure to back up anything you want to save to external storage somewhere (CD, Thumb Drive, Drive D, whatever).

BEFORE you do that though, you need to locate and download ALL WinXP drivers for the system and store them on an external storage device somewhere. That will include Motherboard drivers at the very least, but maybe Video Card drivers, Network Card drivers, Sound Card drivers, etc... AND, quite often, when a system is designed for Vista, the manufacturers don't provide WinXP drivers. So, you might not be able to put WinXP MC on this computer anyway.

If you want to DUAL BOOT (put WinXP MC and Vista on the system both), the Microsoft Knowledge Base contains articles with instructions on how to do it. Sorry, I don't have the link handy.

And finally, if you don't know what you're doing or especially don't understand anything I've said above, you need to take the machine to a professional to have this all done for you.

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