Vista home prem 64

By steve3624 ·
Hello. I have an HP laptop with a AMD Turion 64 TL-56 1.8GHz cpu. Currently I am using the 32 bit version of Vista home prem. My question is, is there any advantage for me to use the 64 bit Vista home prem.

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Vista home prem 64 needed for total acting of the hardware

by helicorreia In reply to Vista home prem 64

Hi. Steve. I had installed vista 64 on my note turion 64 X2 and works perfect, just one precaution, in my opinion you will need all drivers fot 64 bits system, I anounce you that you will lost your native quick play, because, quickplay 64 bits actualization is a great peace of ****, just run dvds when it is in dvd drive and the quickcam button lost your function, you will need the 64 bits hp webcam driver/program (program sucks-driver works), I'm using video blaster webcam control/creative works fine.
64 bits system overs 64 bits hardware is great and clean, no turbulence.
All prograns and games works perfectly, 32 and 64 bits programs works fine, video works very better over 64 bits system.
I hope my answer has been useful to you.

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There are some advantages and probably more Disadvantages to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista home prem 64

Any 64 Bit OS currently. The main difference is that 64 Bit Software & Drivers are not as well developed as their current 32 Bit counterparts so some functionality of things cam be missing or just not work. Video Drivers are the biggest thing here but you may find that some of your external Hardware doesn't have 64 Bit Drivers or that the software provided doesn't work any longer. Things like Printers, Scanners are the most likely things and applications related to Web Cams and Video/Music Viewing will be the most noticeable.

The only real advantage is that with a 64 Bit OS you can use all of your installed RAM if you have 4 GIG or more installed. Typically 32 Bit Windows OS can only utilize 3.2 GIG of installed RAM. The 64 Bit Windows OS's can use all that you can fit on a M'Board and still have room for more.

So over all I would say that there are no Advantages of using a 64 Bit OS unless you need lots of RAM and quite a few reasons not to make the switch yet. The main draw backs is related to the Available Software if you use an application a Lot and it isn't a M$ Product it may no longer work on the 64 Bit OS even when Installed in Compatibility Mode.

Like all forms of Vista as well the more expensive the better the options are that you get to play with so things like Home Basic 64 are not ideal to try.


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