Vista home premium 32 bit won't boot. normal steps not work, help?

By vjbrown6925 ·
I have a gateway with vista home premium 32 bit. no oem cd for OS. I have a boot disk downloaded from MS. When installing update 3 of 3, computer hung and would not complete update. I had to turn off the computer. now it won't boot. It says no bootable device, insert disk etc. i have used the repair disk with MS Support to no avail. I have tried rebuilding the bcd to no avail. Gateway can't supply me with recovery disks as the machine is over 3years old. Can someone point me in the right direction for next steps?

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Is there a Recovery Partition on the HDD?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista home premium 32 bit ...

If there is I would suggest using that the rebuild your OS it will of course delete any Data on the HDD so you may want to use a Live Linux to Backup your Data if that is important to you.

It says no bootable device, insert disk etc

Means that the HDD is either Corrupt or is no longer working. As the computer fell over during a Patch I would tend to think that the HDD has become Corrupted but none the less you should check it with it's Makers Testing Utility

If your HDD is a Seagate of Maxtor you can use Sea Tools for DOS available free here

If it is a Hitachi HDD you can use the Drive Fitness Tool available free here

If it is a Westeren Digital you can use ???Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS
available free here

Or you can download the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

With the Ultimate Boot CD just make sure to download the ISO File and not to click on the add on the page.

The Ultimate Boot CD has most of the HDD Testing Tools and can be used to attempt to repair the Files but it would be much better to rebuild the system with a Recovery Media.

If you need to get data off the HDD you can either remove it and fit it to a USB Enclosure and read the Data from there or use a Live Linux to boot the Computer off the Optical Drive and then copy your Data to where every you want it. If you don't have a Live Linux you can get one as a Cover Disc on a Linux Magazine or download one of the ones here


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Reponse To Answer

by vjbrown6925 In reply to Is there a Recovery Parti ...

There is a partition (c:\recovery) on the HDD. I will try to download and use these tools to see if I can recover the data before I have to wipe the HDD. Thank you for your reply!!

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