Vista home premium help?

By davyoo ·
Right guys and gals

here is the problem

I have a vista home premium laptop that has no cd/dvd rom drive listed and cannot access the web using IE8 or firefox through a wireless connection even though the wireless network is fine as another pc can access it no problem and it can be pinged ok from the laptop. i have reinstalled firefox and restored IE8 to a default state. the cd/dvd rom issue i will need help from google and i am going to run an anti-virus/anti malware check as well, any other ideas on what i can do
i also ran a chkdsk but it took only seconds to complete(cant be right surely???)
And i will attempt a wired ethernet connection to the router and see what that brings up.

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The WiFi Router/Access Point

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista home premium help?

Has what Security running on it?

You need to setup the Router/Access Point to accept more than 1 Concurrent Connection and add in the Password/PassPhrase that the Router uses before it can access the Local Wireless LAN.

After that you need to run the Wireless Setup Wizard to setup the Wireless Network and before you start this you need to know all the details of the Wireless Access Points Security.


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troubleshooting so far

by davyoo In reply to Vista home premium help?

hi guys

here is what i've tried so far

1. connected laptop to router with cable still no web access through ie or ff
2. another pc in the house can access the web wirelessly through the router no probs
3. ran a ipconfig /all and all the entries were correct for connection to the router
4. pinged and got 4 replies ok
5. ran anti-virus,windows defender and malware bytes scans deleted all the infections but still no access through either browser

next step will be trying the laptop on my home network instead of my friends.

any help in resolving this would be most helpful guys

thanks again and take care!!!

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Also double check

by IC-IT In reply to troubleshooting so far

To see if the malware turned on a make believe proxy. A lot have been doing that lately.
Internet options
Connection Tab
Lan Settings Button

The advanced mode of Spybot Search and Destroy will allow you to review any installed BHOs (as will HiJackThis).

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Thanks IC-IT

by davyoo In reply to Also double check

no proxy set on the connection mate. is there a free download of any of the software mentioned in your previous post?

Thanks Again

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You can download Spy Bot S&amp free here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks IC-IT

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