Vista Install disk dead?

By lmoh ·
Customer calls me to say they want Vista Ultimate. They backed up data and attempted a clean install of Vista from their purchased Vista Ultimate 32 retail DVD. They say it starts to install and then gives them error msg 0x80070241. I went over and sure enough, Vista starts to install and then says it can not coninue and gives that error code.

I tell them return the DVD and get a new one, they can't. It was purchased almost a year ago (they got cold feet about installing and waited). They then borrowed a Vista Ultimate DVD from a friend and same problem. They've used 4 different DVD drives and the same problem with both disks?

Any way around this other than buying a new copy of the DVD?

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Try wiping the HDD first............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Vista Install disk dead?

Chances are, what they purchased is not an upgrade version, but a full retail version. They'll need to boot up with something that is capable of deleting all partitions on the HDD (no need to format, Vista will do that).

Then, they need to make sure they are booting up TO the Vista DVD so the installation will continue.

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Back pocket solution

by Tig2 In reply to Try wiping the HDD first. ...

Call Microsoft and explain the problem with the disk. If
indeed the disk is faulty, Microsoft will often replace it. You
will need to have the key handy as they will use that for
verification of the disk.

Good luck!

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have you tried another DVD drive?

by wanttocancel In reply to Vista Install disk dead?

The DVD drive could be bad if you used 4 different media.

Also, my experience with OS that fails during the file transfer is a faulty hard drive. The hard drive could be failing in the system. I would check the health of the hd with Ultimate Boot CD and/or Hirem or the manufacturer's diag program.

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If the Hardware is Vista Compatible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vista Install disk dead?

Try doing some Diagnostics on it but start off with a test of the RAM. You can use the Ultimate Boot CD to achieve this

Also check to see that there are enough resources to actually run Vista and that the system is not running out of RAM.


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