Vista installing hanging....

By elisabethgriffin ·
I have a 120GB Sata drive and I am stuck in a loop.

The loop is
"launch repair, or start windows normally"

I have tried both. I have also did F8 and did safe mode, etc.

However I want to just clean it off & start over. I put the cd in, it boots then it does "Copy setup files" The bar finishes, it goes to another screen, and it just sits there, with the mouse....just sits there for hours.

Any idea? I am willing to buy another HD just didn't want to if it's not that.


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Sickly Sata

by ITCHEF In reply to Vista installing hanging. ...

I would suggest the following:
A)Try using Recovery Service from install CD
B)Run a HD diagnostic Utility
C)Use a known good such as another Hard drive
to see if it's just the drive in question.

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Why not test the HDD with its Makers Testing Utility?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sickly Sata

You can get the one for your Drive here


As for the loop what OS is in use here and the type of computer would be helpful.

But start off with the basics and test the RAM and CPU with the Ultimate Boot CD available for download here


Then if the hardware is all OK you can then start to look at the software to rebuild this system. Though I would recommend wiping the HDD with something like Kill Disc


then attempting to reinstall the OS to a Blank HDD.


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by elisabethgriffin In reply to Why not test the HDD with ...

The computer is an EMachine. It is a family members...

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Sorry My Mistake for not being clear enough

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to emachine

You need to use the HDD Makers Testing Utility so the HDD will be made by Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu and so on.

The Link that I provided above was for the HDD Makers Testing Utilities and you just need to click on the HDD Makers Name and that will start the Download.

If you do not know who made the HDD you can either open the case and read the Makers Name off the sticker on the HDD.

But being a EMachine I would also be looking at the Power Supply as a Possible Point of Failure.

Just because LED's may light up or Fans run doesn't mean that the PS is actually fully functional it just means that there is sufficient current on that Voltage Rail to provide sufficient power to run whatever is working. So int he Case of the Fan running that means that one of the 12 V Rails has sufficient power to start & run the Fan but not that there is sufficient current to run the rest of the computer. It also doesn't mean that there is any power available on the CPU or Memory Rails or if there is power there may not be sufficient current to run the system. EMachines are known to have weak Power Supplies so that is always the starting point when it comes to those machines.


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by elisabethgriffin In reply to Sorry My Mistake for not ...

Can I run the utility with the HD hooked up to another computer in an external hard drive case? I have the HD right now out of the case. It is WD 1200JS 120.GB sata drive...
Then if that checks out, it's the power supply...if it doesn't check out to be good, it could be the HD?

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As I don't use WD Drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HD

I'm not sure if their Data Life Guard Utility will work with a USB Enclosure but give it a try you can get it here

If that doesn't open a Page with the Download Link just click on the Heading Data Lifeguard Utility for Windows

I have taken that Link from a External WD Enclosure/Drive Combo so it may work with your USB Case but if it doesn't you'll need to fit the Drive to a Computers Data & Power Leads to test.


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The question is - "Why the re-install ?" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Vista installing hanging. ...

What happened to the HDD to warrant a complete re-build ? - How was the previous install behaving ?

If you had some form of virus infection, it may have damaged the HDD preventing the new install.

You would be better the Nuke the HDD first, then try to re-install the Vista OS.


Darik's Boot & Nuke should destroy any viral infection that exists on the HDD at present.

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will not format...

by elisabethgriffin In reply to Vista installing hanging. ...

I couldn't really find the utility cd so I took the hard drive out and plugged it in an external hard drive, it won't even format on another computer. Probably the hard drive huh?

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Very Likely

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to will not format...

But you do need to test it with it's Makers Testing Utility to confirm that Diagnosis.

If it's Under Guarantee you'll need the Results of the Makers Testing Utility to make the Warranty Claim anyway.


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