Vista: Internet Connection Issues (Browsers are fine)

By Freegen ·
Hi all, and thank you in advance for your responses.

I'm experiencing a few problems with Vista and with all applications (Except from Firefox) experiencing internet connection issues.

After uninstalling the IE8 update, IE started working again as normal, but Thunderbird and other net-dependant applications are still experiencing problems.

I've disabled TCP/IP v6, all ipconfig looks to be accurate, and am now at a loss as to what to try.

I'd be eternally grateful for your ideas and suggestions.

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More information

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Vista: Internet Connectio ...

In order to give helpful information, we're going to need more information.

First of all, is this in a corporate/office environment, or is this your personal computer?

If it's a home computer, one common problem is that the router isn't working properly. Most home users have a consumer grade router/switch combo device manufacturer by a company like linksys or dlink. Sometimes they stop working properly and a simple powercycle will fix the problem.

Just because your "IP config looks normal" doesn't mean you're actually connected to the internet. Consumer grade routers act as a DHCP and hand out private address (usually 192.168.x.x, but sometimes 172.16.x.x), so your computer might be communicating with the router just fine, but the router itself doesn't have connectivity.

Without more information, I cannot provide anything more than this general information.

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