Vista IP address conflict

By simon.pendlebury@ticketli ·

I've recently started using Vista Business and I'm getting a bizarre problem on my home network.

To summarize - My network is in the range There are 6 computers on the network, all wireless, all with static IP addresses. All run XP Pro except my laptop which runs Vista Business.

Every few minutes when my wireless is turned on I get a message saying that I have an IP address conflict. On looking in the event viewer I see a message saying that "there is a conflict between and the device with mac address 00-**etc". is the address of my router. The mac address shown is also my router.

This is really starting to annoy me now. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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by acracker In reply to Vista IP address conflict

Is your network secured? Anyone can log onto an unsecured network and sometimes, especially if their connection is weak, they will be assigned and IP address that is already being used. Check the security settings of your router and make sure you are using WPA or WPA2 since WEP isn't very strong.

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by simon.pendlebury@ticketli In reply to Security

I know WEP isn't ideal but I have only recently upgraded to network cards that support WPA and have not changed the security yet.

MAC address filtering is in use as well.

Saying that, there is at least 1 unsecured network in my range, and I'm sure my network isn't any more interesting than that one.

Just to add to my original post - this error only happens on the Vista machine and not the XP ones.

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by kinzy84 In reply to Vista IP address conflict

same problem man

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All I had to do was change the IP range of my network and it seemed to cure the problem.

Still don't know what caused it though.

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