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vista is a DUD ! (wham baam thankyou maam!)

By gsaravin ·
THE DEATH KNELL OF VISTA HAS ALLREADY BEEN SOUNDED!!!!PROVING I WAS RIGHT ALL ALL ALLONG.To prove i'm right just look at the Amazon prices & you will see xp home $10 dearer than vista home.It has derfintely turned ugly!
With so many members of the elite!! at tech republic etc giving vista the thumbs up when in fact they were merely speculating.Please look at the evidence don't take my word & you'll see i'm right!!

Well Guys & Gals SORRY to dissapoint you all, recent testing has shown VISTA to be outperformed by XP by a whopping 15%!!A lot of it due to the way the op system is designed & it's non functioning as an op system.As predicted vain attempts to rewrite source code at the last minute or lack of & reports of positive spin did not help the lame system. Recent release of vista has proven to a lot of people that it is a complete waste of time.VISTA=DUD!Guys & Gals i have been totally vindicated as my thread has tried to tell you the truth.While Other threads are simply speculating at tech republic.
MS have pretented to show by using terms like vista ready & packing features that people don't realy need & using catch words like "killer product" with complete abandon when in fact it has been a complete DUD!
There are no real benefits attached.Compared to xp it is much slower.Heaps of people have tried the os & have gone back to XP just as i had predicted!
Microsoft also has attempted to cut
Support Time for Some Vista queries...
Vista will go the way of Windows ME and I think Microsoft knows it that is why they have allready announced a ... Gee, do ya THINK MS knows Vista is a dud? ...
When compared, test results actually show vista to be outperformed by xp.
Hey guys MS has finally admitted that VISTA IS A complete FAILURE !!!
Well,Well Heh Heh I have been totally vindicated!!!!!!!!!!!
Well **** nothing short of total vindication for me ,Bill Gates
admitting to vista failure & him stepping down due to vista being a DUD!
You have Acer chief admitting to vista being a failure & refusing to partake of it!
You also have people like Dell,Hp,& others refusing to use vista due to stability & security issues.Dell vista sales have been drastically curtailed as the company & others do not openly recommend use of vista in new systems.
Vista critical issues have not been fixed as redmond procrastinates.Sales of vista have been dwindling.
Vista performance testing is still woefull
as the"lame" system is licking it's wounds
the death knell has allready been sounded!!
Well ,well we are now in january 2008 &Recent aussie lab testing has confirmed that comparison tests between vista & xp have been shown to be 15 % now it has been checked & can be as bad as 22%.Why a lot of it in the way the source code has been put together like wham bam thankyou maam!!
Guys i'ts April 1st 2009 we are waiting for
the next windows win 7 need isay more about vista its all been said bfor.
ta mick

ta mick

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What beta builds have you tested?

by georgeou In reply to vista is a DUD ! (wham ba ...

"vista is a crap system why because it is a resource hungry system"

No, Vista utilizes the hardware you already have more efficiently. The 512 MB minimum is the recommended minimum memory. That extra RAM is used to boost performance with things like SuperFetch but Vista will actually load on much less RAM. Vista is taking advantage of modern systems with 512 MB ram or more and doesn't just let that RAM sit their idle which disk seeks slow the system down.

"it crashes moreas to compatibility issues"

What can I say, it's called a beta.

"it is not backward compatible."

It's often the very same complainers complain that Vista didn't drop legacy support and should have been written from scratch.

"it has also security holes more than you can poke a stick at."

No, it's much more secure than any other desktop operating system with the new security model.

"it is much slower in multi tasking than xp"

No, it's really not.

"whereas vista requires basic i gig of ram,100 gig hard drive,dual processor core at least 3 gig processor."

No, it doesn't. But it can exploit modern hardware like never before to deliver a better user experience.

"compatibility is a big issue.A waste of money why bother as there aren't too many functional reasons to buy."

No, compatibility is as good as it can be. As for a waste of money, that's for individual users to decide.

"Obviously therare problems with stability as the kernel is not fully capable of working in the 64 bit chip architecture comfortably."

Again, see definition for "beta". But 64 bit is fully supported and "comfortable".

So tell me, what beta builds have you tested? Or are you just speculating?

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by Mickster269 In reply to What beta builds have you ...

We call it "trolling" around these parts here.

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vista won't make the mark

by gsaravin In reply to Speculating?

have recently tried all versions & i'm convinced that there are major problems in the source code.I would hasard to guess they dare not
release vista just yet!Further to this as Hal haspointed out the major shortfall of the vista system is that it seems to be too bloated.There are not much drivers around,theres not much software around.For those of you who are asking
my background is I'm masters in computer science i specialise design,analysis of projects using new operating systems.You name the system i've done it.So far i've tested all versions of vista
& unless microsoft comes up with the goods ie if they can provide a water tight vessel(operating system) personally i don't think too many people
are ready to ditch their operating systems.
well you got ms stooges like michael hereid
snr beleiving all is well with vista can't accept the enevitable that ms has produced a crap system.

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Im sure you have...

by pell.luke.h In reply to vista won't make the mark

I was running beta 2 on my one-year-old laptop for a month as a test. By the way, its only got a 1.5 Celeron m, was running with 348 mg ram, after 128 was split to graphics and a 40 gig hdd. And, by the way, it ran ok. Driver support was good; in fact all drivers not already part of the system were downloaded in my first windows update!
Of course its still a little shaky, but as everyone else has pointed out, its still only a beta! I see vista as a step forward for Microsoft.

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no one said you can't run it at all

by gsaravin In reply to Im sure you have...

the problem is when combining motherboards ,drivers etc with software etc that it causes problems.i did not say it's totally
ta mick

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a few programming software not supported by vista

by gsaravin In reply to no one said you can't run ...

Which Microsoft development environments will be supported in Windows Vista?

Not the ones you might think.

SUPPORTE VB 6 ? ah, my old friend
NOT SUPPORTE Visual Studio .Net 2002
NOT SUPPORTE Visual Studio .Net 2003
Good grief.

So, forcing the upgrade path for those older .Net versions? Or is it that they just can?t be bothered making it all work?

Meanwhile, Australian pricing for Vista is out. $751 for Vista Ultimate?! Yowch. Mind you, who really pays for a full version of Windows? Most people would be getting upgrades from previous versions, or OEM copies. Like Office, the full pricing is always exhorbitant.

ta mick

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problems abound

by gsaravin In reply to a few programming softwar ...

There are still plenty of glitches. If you move the data folders out of the user profile and onto a separate partition, for instance, the search index doesn't get updated, and some programs (including Windows Live Messenger) still look for data in the old locations.
thanks mick

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i was right!

by gsaravin In reply to Im sure you have...

yeah i was right!
ta mick

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well news for you i was right

by gsaravin In reply to Im sure you have...

i was right all all along.
Ta mick

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still right ,you'll say i'm still wrong

by gsaravin In reply to well news for you i was r ...

if you look at what's happening you'll agree.


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