Vista keeps configuring Outlook & Office . . .

By binggeli ·
I have a brand new computer with a legitimate version of Vista Ultimate that came pre-installed, and I have a legitimate copy of Office 2007 on CD.

I installed Office on Tuesday and successfully worked in Outlook, Word and Access.

On Wednesday, I started Outlook, and it came up with some kind of "needs to be configured" dialog box. I let it do that, then it wanted to reboot, and I let it do that, too. While doing so, some other Office process wanted to kick in and install something, but I was already getting the RESTART NOW option and did so.

After that, something else needs to finish the previous Office "configuration" and takes several minutes to do so. Again, it wants to reboot, something else wants to finish, then I get the RESTART NOW option.

To make a long story even longer, this keeps going on and on and on, even after re-installing (repairing) Office from the CD. It's a never-ending cycle.

I'm the only user on this computer and set myself up as an administrator.

Any ideas where I need to look or make a tweak? Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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more than likely

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Vista keeps configuring O ...

More than likely, after first use there are patches from MS that are auto-installing themselves. Each one may take a reboot and each successive patch may depend on another being installed first.... so, it may SEEM like a never ending cycle, but it eventually finishes if you're patient enough. Personally, I've spent a whole day on each of several computers just getting through the patches and reboots.

Have you tried visiting the Microsoft Update web site to see if there are more to be installed that can all be selected at once and get it over with?

And, one last thing to check... in Vista, you MAY need to login as THE administrator, not just an account with administrator privaledges, before the patching will complete.


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Thank you

by binggeli In reply to more than likely

That kind of makes sense, although I did download and install all the MS office patches and security patches immediately after installation (took some time but was bearable).

Then everything worked fine...until I rebooted. That's when I keep getting prompts to configure and install and configure and install.

At any rate, I've re-installed yesterday and enabled the big kahuna Administrator account that came disabled on my version of Vista Ultimate, and I'll give that a try.

Thanks again!

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Did you fix this problem??

by ooglala In reply to more than likely

I am having the exact same problem. I can go back to previous restore points and I still have the problem.
Did going through the multiple configures and reboots finally stop? If not, did you find a solution?

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Same Problem

by trevorl In reply to Did you fix this problem? ...

I've got the exact same problem. I don't think the multiple configurations are ligit?

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by trevorl In reply to Same Problem

I called Microsoft and they re-installed Office, it was a corrupt installation... but after the-install you have to delete any shortcuts you created. They are still corrupt. I did that, re-created all my shortcuts from the All Programs/Microsoft Office folder and voila!

One interesting note. If I right click on the Start button, Properties, Start Menu, Start Menu, Customize, email link and select Microsoft Office Outlook it still doesn't work. Use your own.

Hope this helps, it fixed it for me!

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re: bad icon in start menu

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Fixed

You need to set Outlook as the default email program in IE7's options/programs. That changes the icon on the start menu to a system icon with "special" properties.

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Yes, it's fixed . . . finally!

by binggeli In reply to Did you fix this problem? ...

To make a long story short, I found about a dozen or so plausible explanations for this kind of problem, but the few things I tried out didn't help . . . and some of the more outrageous pieces of advice (such as, re-install everything, including the OS) seemed a little far-fetched & last resort.

I finally uninstalled everything that had anything to do with Microsoft Office 2007. Rebooted. Looked for leftovers and removed a few things manually. Rebooted. Then I ran registry checker to make sure that any orphaned registry entries, especially Microsoft Office related ones, would get cleaned up.

Then I ran the sfc/scannow from the RUN command. And after that, I defragged the computer.

Then I shut down the computer and went to bed.

The next day, I ran a couple of anti-virus and spyware tools, checked for any leftover files that may have had anything to do with Microsoft Office 2007, and cleaned up (again).

Then, again, I ran the sfc/scannow from the RUN command. And after that, I defragged the computer (again). This may not have been important, but that's what I did.

I think I may have also run an uninstaller called Revo (?) to dig around and find some dodgy Office-related files and clean them up (i.e., delete them).

Again, that took me an entire evening, but I must have finally gotten rid of everything as far as Office 2007 was concerned.

Then, the next day, I first ran the sfc/scannow from the RUN command again.

Then, I reinstalled Office 2007. Since I am the only one using my computer, and since I already am an administrator, I just double-checked to make sure that I still was an administrator (you never know).

Of course, after the re-installation, I had to go through the downloading of Office updates & patches all over again, and it must have been around midnight when I ran the sfc/scannow from the RUN command (again).

The next day, I booted up the computer and launched Outlook . . . and ever since, everything has been working normally with Office 2007.

Of course, I am not saying that anything I did, or the order in which I did all these things had anything to do with the ultimate resolution of the issue . . . but in my opinion, it was all worth it.

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Easiest Fix

by carefreeisme2 In reply to Yes, it's fixed . . . fin ...

The best fix (least hassle). On another thread a user discovered that if the office programs need to configure under the administrator. So the Best easiest solution is to. Log on Locally as the Administrator (not a person with administrative rights but under the adminsitrator login) and open every office program and allow it to configure. Then close and log in as yourself. It may configure once more (maybe not) but the problem is solved for good!

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Office re-configuring 2007 2003 maybe 2010

by artinusa In reply to Vista keeps configuring O ...

back up registry with say regedit

open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and scroll extensions down to


Change permissions to full control on .pip remove if need be
when done just start office program say excel..

A new .pip will be created..all hassle gone

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