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By MysticFoxx ·
Hi I Recently Purchased A New Laptop with "the wonderful vista program" anyway it was running surprisingly well until 2 days ago when my keyboard started malfunctioning on me. At 1st i thought it was a virus but my Norton Anti virus doesn't pick anything up, also its only certain keys that don't work. I've narrowed down the non-working keys (A S D F J K L : ) as you can see its only the middle row that is affected by this. does anyone know what the problem could be? Would buying a new laptop keyboard be able to fix the problem?

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First thing to do is look at the Region Setting

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vista Keyboard Help...

In the Control Panel and make sure that it hasn't been changed to something strange there.

If you have a USB Keyboard you can plug this in and see if the Keyboard works and at the same time make sure that there is nothing like the Caps Lock or Number Lock turned on. While turning on the Number Lock Key will affect some of the keys mentioned it will not affect all of them. Though that may offer a partial fix.

What you really need to do is backup all your data and return the NB to the makers for a Warranty Repair, or you could look at any changes made recently like new software being installed which may have impacted on the Vista Program. What is the easy fix here is to backup all your data and then reinstall the original OS and see if things are still the same if they are you have a hardware problem that could be a faulty Key Board or it could be the Keyboard Controller on the NB's M'Board. Either way with Vista only being released on Jan 30 2007 the unit is barely at the most 6 months old and should still be UG so make the suppliers earn their money and make them fix their own problems and don't accept the problems of shoddy hardware yourself.

Of course if the Keyboard has been subject to liquid penetration the Guarantee will be void but if that's the case a dead or faulty Keyboard is bound to be the least of your problems.


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by MysticFoxx In reply to First thing to do is look ...

I tried the USB keyboard and it works fine also the capslock and numlock are off so I'm guessing its the laptops keyboard. I am going to return it and get them to fix it since it still has warranty, the problem with that is that i don't know how long it will take and i will get backed up on my work. Thanks For The tips

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Sounds like a faulty Keyboard here then.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yea

Depending on who the maker is I would expect a 2 week delay while they repair the unit but with NB suppliers their first alternative is to wipe the HDD reinstall the OS and see if that fixes things. Of course while this is happening all your data gets trashed but to the makers this isn't important as they see the Hardware as the important thing while you will no doubt see the Hardware only as a means of retrieving your data and having access to it.

Different people see different items as the end and they chose to achieve that end accordingly so just make sure that you have a complete Backup of all your Data at the very least and you should be OK.

If you do not back up the data you can spend thousands of $ recovering it so double check that you have everything including your E-Mail, Favorites List, My Documents and very importantly any programs that store their data inside the program backup the entire Program Folder. This mostly applies to Accounting Packages but some other applications still have their own data stored in the Program Folder so just double check that you have everything before returning the unit for repair.


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by jeff.allen In reply to Sounds like a faulty Keyb ...

Firstly, try a USB keyboard.
Depending on the make of the laptop, it will be one "scan" row failing. Hence it drops one row of keys - very common with laptop keyboards.
I assume the laptop is under warranty? If so, after you have proven it is the kaeyboard, tell the service department what you have found - then they will take the easy way out and replace the keyboard first (it's a 5 minute job).
Tell them in advance so they can order in a replacement, then ask them to call you when it has arrived.
I work for a large organisation and we do repair laptops. Having a customer call me to tell me that he has already done most of my investigative work, makes it a lot easier.

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