Vista - Keyboard not recognised on startup

By b.reese ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 530s which will not recognise the presence of any keyboard at startup.

I have tried a number of different keyboards including usp wired, wireless and Bluetooth (Dell branded) and the behaviour is the same in every case.

First the wired and wireless keyboard (not Bluetooth) will work during start up to access the bios.

When Vista is finished booting the system will recognise special keys on the keyboard such as quick launch buttons etc, but does not recognise any propper keyboard input until the USB plug is removed and reinserted or the bluetooth devise is switched off and back on again.

There can't be any problem with the USB, wirless or bluetooth interfaces not being active because the quick launch buttons work. I also dont think there is problem with the actual drivers because it will work if the keyboard is "turned on" after startup. There must be a problem specifically with the way windows is detecting the presence of keyboard devices at startup.

I have tried removing and reinstalling all of the USB hub devices and keyboard drivers but with no success.

Any ideas please?


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There isn't any SP530 - so...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Vista - Keyboard not reco ...

Which actual model do you have?

There are quite a few variations that contain '530' within the name.

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Inspiron 530s

by b.reese In reply to There isn't any SP530 - s ...

Quite right, I should get my facts right if your to take my question seriously.

Its an Inspiron 530s (did I mention that my keyboard's not working properly. lol)


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Check Dell Website for BIOS update

by robo_dev In reply to Inspiron 530s

I have a inspiron which had some USB issues, and updating the BIOS rom code resolved the issue.

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Re: Vista - keyboard not recognised at startup

by V@???????? In reply to Vista - Keyboard not reco ...

Allow more time for the driver to load.

I have seen this problem before, and incorrectly 'assumed' it was the keyboard at fault. Just have a bit of patience it should work after a few *minutes*.

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