Vista Laptop printing on existing XP Home network printer

By pmorris ·
I have read several posts which are similar but not exactly my problem.

I have a new Vista laptop which can see the Dell Destktop and it's attached Canon iP6600D. When I try to attach to the printer via the network (WiFi) I get a message telling me that I need to install the printer driver but when I click "Insall" the laptop just hangs up.

I havge attached the printer directly and allowed the laptop to install the Vista print driver - this then works fine locally.

Anyone have any ideas?



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I had the same problem

by chrisryanhouse In reply to Vista Laptop printing on ...

I had the same problem with a vista laptop and a xp desktop. All the other pcs in my house run xp and it would normally install the driver. I ended up going to the manufacturers website for my printer and downloading the vista driver for it. Once I did that and my printers were shared I was able to print flawlessly. For some reason vista will not download the driver from XP, unlike all other versions of windows. Hope this helps.

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I'm in need of help please

by unitedrn1016 In reply to I had the same problem

I have an XP desktop with my Lexmark 7100 series printer attached. I recently purchased a laptop with Vista operating system. I can't print anything from the laptop. I am sure the network is seeing the computer. I have a the lexmark printer icon on my printers page with a green checkmark ready. I have installed the newest driver on the desktop from Lexmark. Everything is matching as far as the share name, computer name etc. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I called Lexmark and they said it is impossible to link the Vista to print off the XP desktop computer. Are they right? Or are they nuts. I have no computer backround and the computer lingo is very challenging for me. I have spent probably 10 hours trying to make this work. I have no other ideas. I turned off the firewall thing as well with no luck. If you can help in anyway it would be appreciated. Thanks,

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Vista printing fails to shared XP network printer

by TechRepublic In reply to I'm in need of help plea ...

I think I have the same problem; did you ever get yours solved?
I have three printers on XP Pro SP2, all shared.
I have Vista Home Premium, and added all three printers.
The two color inkjets, both HP, I can print to OK (well, the Vista properties interface to the CP1700 stinks: no option to select tray, no choices for 11x17 or 13x19 paper; but at least I can print SOMETHING).
The B/W laser (Panasonic KX-P7100) printouts evaporate without printing, without error messages. Unless I Run As Administrator on Vista before giving the print request! That's not a good solution.

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Phil, try this solution

by squirrelking In reply to Vista Laptop printing on ...

I was having your exact same problem and I found this solution on some small wi-fi forum so now I'm posting everywhere that I can.

- On Vista PC go to "Control Panel" - "Printers" - "Add printer".
- Believe or not, click "Add a local printer" (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn't work).
- Click "Create a new port" - "Local Port" - "Next"
- In the next box you have to enter a port name like this:
\\PC name\Printer name
where "PC name" is the network name of the XP PC or Network Share where you have the printer and "Printer name" is the network name of that printer. Be careful with this names. Check in your XP PC "Control Panel" - "Printers and faxes" - "your printer" - right click - "share" - "share resources name"
- Choose the manufacturer and printer model of the printer you are adding.
- Now the printer will be added and you can print a test page or print something to test it.

Hope it helps until MS fixes it!

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Brilliant !

by maxb In reply to Phil, try this solution

Great post - really clear & worked 100%


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Helpful but still not working

by srai90 In reply to Phil, try this solution

I followed exact instruction. Instead of Network name I end up using IP address and then I followed every thing.
Then I read someone suggesting to make the same workgroup name in all computers. Did that
Then I was suggested to change Network properties in sharing and discovery: Did "On" to file sharing, public folder sharing, printer sharing etc.
I also made sure that Network is treated as Private
Still I get the message of "No communcation".
Currently vista laptop is accessing internet via Network and XP compter is printing fine on connected lexmark.
Either I am not able to fully caring the forewall issue or since I have tested Vista directl with printer which worked is causing some problem

Trule appreicate help. Really frustated

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so simple

by greenwaynospam In reply to Phil, try this solution

Since I had a new company laptop with vista business, I've searched for a solution to printing on my xp home network - this solution just worked - how simple was that - thanks a bundle.
The next issue I've been trying to fix is to share documents - the laptop is set up to use my company domain, and my home network is a workgroup - but by adding the printer, I can now access the shared docs folder on my home xp pc - weird..
It won't work the other way yet - pc to laptop, I've tried using the password I use, but no joy.

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by annhawk1 In reply to Phil, try this solution

After a month of searching for fixes, I came across this simple instruction, and it worked! thanks so much.

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Your Solution Worked!!!

by stanwhite In reply to Phil, try this solution

Thanks for this solution. I have been working for over a week to get my KX-P7100 to print on my new Windows 7. It won't work directly in any manner, but works via my wife's computer as a shared printer using your solution. You are an angel to share this.
Stan White

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Still Brilliant - still working

by jeff_powless In reply to Phil, try this solution

New HP laptop with vista home premium. Tried to add network printer on XP desktop via WiFi. Was cussing and throwing things in the basement, until I happened along your post. God bless you (and forgive me the cussing)!
This workaround still works. There is nothing at HP's web site (big surprise) for either my laptop or for my HP Deskjet 5550. You think they could at least look into the problem. They just say they have no Vista driver for my printer. A million thank-you's!

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