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    Vista logon scripts not functioning


    by troykshafer ·

    I have two vista machines in the entire company of 200 machines. They will map the home drives which is set from AD but when the script tries to map a drive to a DFS share ( \\dfs.domain.local\share\ ) it just says System error 67. The network name cannot be found.

    XP/2000 machines are fine, luckily. I have checked the IP settings on the DC and they’re correct. If i click on start then run and type in a DFS share it will eventually populate with the folders below the root. It will open the share just fine.

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      by troykshafer ·

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      Shot in the dark.

      by lukes_weatherlight ·

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      Hello, Vista seems tricky in a professional environment.

      You could check your ‘network settings’ and check if it’s in a private/public/home network. Depending on these settings depends on the overall access/security.

      Also have you checked your IP settings are correct because I think Vista defaults to IPv6 and of course your server/pc’s will more than likely be on IPv4.

      Just a wild stab, good luck!

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